Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cutting it Close!

I did not go out junking this weekend, with Halloween coming in just a few days I had to finish up the Red Headed Girls costumes. Yes, I know I am cutting it close. 

The first dress & apron I made will be worn by the littlest Red Head.

This is the oldest Red Head modeling the first dress, although it appears to fit her, sadly it does not. We couldn't button it in the back and the neck was too small.

The littlest Red Head was having no part of trying on the dress, we had to bribe her with a cookie but then she was having no part of letting me get a picture! The sleeve length and the hem needs to be adjusted but it should work fine for her.

So it is hanging up waiting for the littlest Red Head!


So this weekend I had to make another dress and apron for the oldest Red Head. I worked on it all day on Saturday and put the finishing touches on it today. The great thing about the new dress is that it is adjustable. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I am so excited and can't wait until Halloween night with my Red Headed Girls!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bottles and Books

Well I had to go it alone yesterday. Mom had out of town company and was unable to join me. I had a couple of sales mapped out and on a whim decided to add the Flea Market to my destinations for the day.
So here is a review of how things turned out.

Stop number one - Advertised as a 60 year collector's sale.

 I arrived very early to this sale hoping to grab up the good stuff. Turns out there was not really that much good stuff to grab up and the prices were way too high (especially if you were buying to resell). I ended up buying two books for myself. The one thing I saw that I was pretty excited about was a 1931 Singer Sewing Library Set. I managed to talk them down on the price (but even then it was still more than I like to pay). Since I love to sew and collect sewing related items I wanted this sweet little set for myself so I forked over the money. The other book I bought was "The Story of Augusta", published in 1980 it tells the history of my beloved hometown.

Since I wrapped up sale number one in about 10 minutes it was now about seven o'clock in the morning and the other sale I had planned to go to wasn't starting for a couple of hours so I had some time on my hands. I stopped at a gas station and picked up a paper to see if any other sales were open this early. No luck so on a whim I decided to drive out to the Flea Market.

Stop number two - The Flea Market

I arrived at the Flea Market around seven thirty and I think I was the first one there. Somehow I thought the Flea Market vendors were ready to go pretty early but I guess I was wrong. With a little time to kill I read the paper and looked through the two books I had purchased at stop one. Slowly but surely vendors started arriving and setting up. I ended up spending a couple of hours there but was very disappointed that my favorite shop (where I bought the paper lace a while back) was not open. It was a beautiful morning though and I enjoyed plundering through all the junk and had a wonderful conversation with on older gentlemen about old bottles and jars. I ended up bring home some old bottles, jars, an old milk crate and a mini cloche.

Stop number three - Estate Sale

My last stop was an estate sale. Mom and I had stopped there last weekend and they told us they would be holding another sale this weekend. The man who owns the house at one time had an Antique Shop in Harlem GA and he closed his shop and was unloading all his inventory. He held a sale several years ago that we attended and I knew that his back workshop held a ton of treasures. Last weekend I asked the lady if they were going to open the workshop this weekend and she said yes. Well guess what, they didn't have it open. All they had out was a bunch of sad, cracked, worthless stuff. So not much luck there. I bought one thing and really had to dig to find it. A little vintage pin with three hearts was the only worthy item I could find. I liked the little pin because it makes me think of me and my boys, we are a family of three!


I hope my junking partner is back with me next weekend. Junking is certainly much more fun with her along.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and having a fabulous weekend!

More pic's of my finds this week here on our Facebook page.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back in the Game

After being sidelined for the last two weekends (due to the nasty yucky flu), I was so excited to get back in the junk hunting game this weekend. A Methodist church held their semi annual rummage sale yesterday and Mom and I were there before the crack of dawn. I usually bring home quite a haul from this sale but is was a bust for me this go round. The best thing I found was a  pair of vintage gloves (still in the original package) and an old DuBarry hand mirror.

We wrapped up at the church sale and headed over to an annual neighborhood sale that usually has pretty good treasures but again it was a major disappointment. I did find a few good treasures though. A while back I had picked up a gorgeous cake plate because cake plates sell pretty good in our booth but this particular cake plate seems to still be sitting on the industrial rack in my kitchen. I just thought is was so lovely I couldn't part with it. Well yesterday I found another one just like it. This one will go to the booth (I love it when I find two of the same thing, that way I can keep one and sell one). I also stumbled upon two beautiful chenille blankets.


Our last stop of the day was the most exciting for me (not sure about Mom though). It was an estate sale advertising 1000's of items. Well the 1000's of items weren't in the house (in fact there wasn't that much in the house at all). However when I went around  to the back yard there were 1000's of items in a number of broken down old out buildings. I must say I felt like a real American Picker maneuvering through those dilapidated buildings. Unfortunately it was impossible to get to a lot of the stuff (and I have a feeling there was some good stuff buried in there) but I managed to drag out the following items.

How great is this old garden hose reel. I found three fabulous ideas for for transforming this and posted them on our Facebook if you want to check them out. 

Loved these old gas cans.


Hoping I can bring some life back to this little piece.


I don't know what this was originally used for but I am going to clean it up and use it as a thread holder.


I also found this little clock (well part of a clock). I loved the clock face.


So in the end I guess it was not such a disappointing day after all!
Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!