Saturday, December 3, 2016

Estate Sale - Greensboro GA

Mom called me on Wednesday night and asked if I wanted to take a trip over to Greensboro GA for an estate sale on Friday. Of course I did so I requested to take the day off so I could join Mom for a junking adventure.

My brother joined us for the trip and we had a wonderful time on the ride up, I love our crazy conversations. It took us a little over an hour to arrive at our destination. The house was really old, according to the people running the sale it was built in the late 1800's. The house was totally overflowing with junk (most of it was just that - junk). I did my best to look in every nook and cranny and root out the truly old stuff.

I didn't find as much as I would have liked but I did find a couple a really special things that I am pretty excited about.

I have been looking for a vintage seltzer bottle for years, well I finally found one and for a really good price. Ain't she a beaut!!

I also found this really special box, I picked it up because I loved the box and intended to add it to my Christmas collection. Thinking there were cards in the box, I was overjoyed when I opened it up to find all of these vintage tags and gummed seals. I think this was my "most happiest" find.

I also picked up a little vintage book (from the late 1800's) called the Birthday Bible Book. After picking it up I noticed that it had some charming surprises hidden among the pages. The letter is just adorable.

AND I couldn't believe it but I found a piece of Augusta History in this little book

And a few other goodies, a 1930's Bulova watch box, a pair of cute Nuns, and a beautiful old heart shaped bottle.

I guess this trip wasn't so good for my Etsy shop, I only picked up one thing for resale. It appears to be a Bimini Cocktail Pick set.

We decided to hit another sale in Aiken SC, so we were all over the place yesterday. I didn't find much at this sale but did come away with a few things. I think my favorite thing from this sale is the 1930's Birthday Party photo. I also found the poison glass, the little angel, and vintage bottle brush tree.

 It was a fun day spent doing my favorite thing with my favorite people.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Estate Sale - Antique Store Liquidation

The Antique Store that I purchased all the Storybook Dolls at is going out of business (maybe why I got the dolls so cheap). They advertised a liquidation sale in the paper this week so I ran down yesterday at lunch to check it out. I was a little disappointed as most of the prices were the same as the last time I was there. I didn't buy very much but did find a few things.

This was my best buy I think ($15), I am not sure exactly what it is (if you know help me out). It was tagged as a vintage oak picture frame but I don't think it is a picture frame. I think it is some kind of menu board or bulletin board. It looks like it was made to change things out frequently judging by the hinged back.

I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet but I think this piece has lots of potential. I love it!!

Here are the rest of my meager findings:

I love this vintage fabric and got a good bit for $5. I often pick up vintage picture frames, they just have such charm. Two vintage beaded purses (I don't even know why I bought these?? I guess they just looked like they needed rescuing). A small camel cigarette tin that will be used for storage.

On Friday night, I bought tickets to take the Red Headed Girls to see Peter Pan presented by the Greater Augusta Youth Theatre. We ate at the Boll Weevil Cafe downtown before the show. They loved the play and we had a wonderful time. Their mother and I have decided that this will be a tradition going forward. I love making memories with these sweet girls!

The Strawberry Cake was Delicious!!

Had to get a photo in front of the Theatre.

It's been a wonderful Weekend! Hope you are having a good one too!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Estate Sale - Harlem GA

I went to an awesome Estate Sale this weekend. Just the kind of sale I love - lots of junk to look through. I found a ton of smalls for my Etsy shop. I only bought a couple of things for myself. The pictures are not so great, took them at a bad time of day I guess. But here we go (warning - lots of pictures):

I am keeping the J.M. Fields hat box. I just love the graphics on it.

 I love these glasses, I wish they would fit me but they are too small. 

I listed these vintage powder puffs (but kept one for myself).

Filled up this little box with old jewelry, came away with a lovely sterling charm bracelet and lots of sterling charms.

I thought these old eye glass cases were pretty cool.

Really unusual earrings, they are really stunning!

More old Sheaffer's Pens.

Hard to see in the photo, but I bought the bronze greyhound bookends for myself. 

I have found a lot of the old Easter eggs made in Germany, but never like these. 

Trying to figure out for the WDW pin stands for. It has an old clasp on it.


I thought this was a beautiful piece, carved bone necklace.

Here are some better pictures as I was getting ready to list some of these items on Etsy.

It was a fun sale! Hope you went out and found a fun sale of your own!