Saturday, April 30, 2016

Estate Sale - Margie Ann Story Book Doll and other Fantastic Finds

I ran out to a sale at lunch yesterday thinking that it was going to be a bust, but I was pleasantly surprised at some of the junk I found. I got there a little late so I was sure the best stuff was already gone so I was happy to find a lovely little Margie Ann Story Book Doll in her original box with papers. She is really in great condition (her legs need to be restrung but other than that not a mark on her, oh yeah her hair is kind of wild and could use a little styling). An extra special surprise was the little gift tag still in the box! I haven't done any research yet but thinking maybe from the 1940's.

I dug around in the garage for a while and found a few things out there (but I did have to work for them). Don't you love it when you pick up a box just wondering what might be inside. I spotted a little vintage Christmas box (which I collect and use to display at Christmas) and it was quite heavy for such a small box. I thought there would be some kind of Christmas decor inside but it turned out to have three old rosaries tucked inside (one glows in the dark!).

I also found a few other vintage Christmas items hiding in the garage (to include a German wax Angel in pristine condition).

I really like this old sign, it will be going up on the wall in my Etsy office.

And of course a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.

It turned out that I brought home much more than I expected. I love it when that happens!!

 Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Estate Sales - Vintage Block Print Letters

There is a church here in Augusta that holds a semi annual yard sale. It is typically pretty huge and the prices are dirt cheap. I ran out yesterday morning to check it out and picked up a few things. I think I spent a total of about $7. Unfortunately, it did not fully satisfy my junk craving so I ran by the one estate sale that looked like it might possibly have my kind of stuff. I'm glad I did! I bought a huge lot of vintage block print letters (about 110 - all sizes and fonts). I find I do much better when I buy in bulk. I will sell most of these but have picked out a few to keep for myself.

I also found these two lovely vintage dolls, one is in need of some clothes. I will have to poke around and see if I have an outfit for her. (Betsy McCall and Madame Alexander Elsie)

And a few other small things (the pie bird is not vintage but for .50 he was coming home with me, the Stetson "Open Road" hat was new in the box and never worn).

Hope you found great junk this weekend!