Saturday, July 15, 2017

Estate Sales

I haven't really found a ton of stuff over the past several weeks. A lot of estate sales but not necessarily my kind of estate sales. I have accumulated a few things over the past month and thought I would save them up for one post.

Here are a few finds from June and July of 2017

Some lovely unused cocktail napkins, a few old patterns and some hankies

Mom and I took a little road trip to Millen and Statesboro GA in July. We went to an estate sale in Millen and I think that it was the worst smelling house I have ever been in. I could not stay in there very long, seriously I thought I was going to hurl! I did stay in long enough to grab this old Knox Fedora (which is still airing out on the back porch by the way).

We left the stinky smelling estate sale and drove over to Statesboro to shop at a few Antique stores, I found a few treasures at the 67 Antique Mall. Some really fabulous book plates (from the late 1800's), an old wood print black (hard to see but there are cherubs on it) and a sweet little wedding topper.

Yesterday I ran out to an estate sale at lunch and found a stunning piece of original art. Vintage Oil Nude I think from the 60's or 70's. I have been unable to figure out the signature yet. Should I keep or sell? Also found another vintage Christmas Card box and some cocktail napkins.

Hoping things pick up here in the next month!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!