Sunday, October 23, 2016

Estate Sale - Harlem GA

I went to an awesome Estate Sale this weekend. Just the kind of sale I love - lots of junk to look through. I found a ton of smalls for my Etsy shop. I only bought a couple of things for myself. The pictures are not so great, took them at a bad time of day I guess. But here we go (warning - lots of pictures):

I am keeping the J.M. Fields hat box. I just love the graphics on it.

 I love these glasses, I wish they would fit me but they are too small. 

I listed these vintage powder puffs (but kept one for myself).

Filled up this little box with old jewelry, came away with a lovely sterling charm bracelet and lots of sterling charms.

I thought these old eye glass cases were pretty cool.

Really unusual earrings, they are really stunning!

More old Sheaffer's Pens.

Hard to see in the photo, but I bought the bronze greyhound bookends for myself. 

I have found a lot of the old Easter eggs made in Germany, but never like these. 

Trying to figure out for the WDW pin stands for. It has an old clasp on it.


I thought this was a beautiful piece, carved bone necklace.

Here are some better pictures as I was getting ready to list some of these items on Etsy.

It was a fun sale! Hope you went out and found a fun sale of your own!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Estate Sale - Vintage Postcards

My brother and I ran over to an estate sale yesterday morning. It was on the hill (my favorite kind). I was kind of on the fence about going because everything looked so expensive and there were not a lot of smalls which is what I mainly look for. Since my brother called and said he wanted to go, I decided I was in. I didn't buy a lot for resale but did pick up a few things for myself.

Love these liquor decanters, they will fit right in with my cocktail collection, the little skinny dog paper weight is just so adorable. He has found a home here.

I also found this piece. Not really sure if this was hand made or manufactured. It appears to have been made from an old barrister book case to me. It has the word GLOBE on the top. Doesn't really matter to me because I love it. I can always use a piece like this. I will be replacing the knob though.

Much to my delight I found these old Augusta Postcards in the drawer after I left the sale.

I was really, really excited about finding this original piece of Art for $12. It is a beautiful painting, it just spoke to me. 

This morning, mom and I went back to the Antique Store downtown so I could get the rest of the Story Book Dolls that I didn't buy when we were there about a month ago (I adore all the little notes that are written in each box). I also bought a cute little vintage lunch pail and an old bowl to match a larger one I already have.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!