Sunday, October 23, 2016

Estate Sale - Harlem GA

I went to an awesome Estate Sale this weekend. Just the kind of sale I love - lots of junk to look through. I found a ton of smalls for my Etsy shop. I only bought a couple of things for myself. The pictures are not so great, took them at a bad time of day I guess. But here we go (warning - lots of pictures):

I am keeping the J.M. Fields hat box. I just love the graphics on it.

 I love these glasses, I wish they would fit me but they are too small. 

I listed these vintage powder puffs (but kept one for myself).

Filled up this little box with old jewelry, came away with a lovely sterling charm bracelet and lots of sterling charms.

I thought these old eye glass cases were pretty cool.

Really unusual earrings, they are really stunning!

More old Sheaffer's Pens.

Hard to see in the photo, but I bought the bronze greyhound bookends for myself. 

I have found a lot of the old Easter eggs made in Germany, but never like these. 

Trying to figure out for the WDW pin stands for. It has an old clasp on it.


I thought this was a beautiful piece, carved bone necklace.

Here are some better pictures as I was getting ready to list some of these items on Etsy.

It was a fun sale! Hope you went out and found a fun sale of your own!


  1. Awesome treasures !! I think your WDW pin is from Walt Disney World. LOVE old pins !! I have an old wooden one my mom got from Yellowstone Park in the shape of a little bear. :-)

  2. Nice haul!!! I'm confused as to what those round crocheted items are with something inside that looks like a powder puff. I especially like the dogwood blossom pin, but everything if quite special! Thank you for sharing your finds!

  3. Have you already sold the Easter Egg with violets? I didn't see it on your Etsy site. If it is still available, I'd be interested in buying it.