Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Big Church Sale

Twice a year a local church here has the most fabulous rummage sale. I have been attending these sales for many years now. I think a record was set yesterday as far as attendance goes. I couldn't believe how many people were there. I got there about 15 minutes early and met mom (we were about mid way in line). I was a little nervous that by the time we got in nothing would be left. It's kind of funny though, everyone is usually looking for different things and I always end up finding some treasures. I must admit I kind of froze once I got inside, not sure where to go first and wasting valuable time (does that ever happen to you?). Once I finally got my act together I did managed to pick up a few things:

Vintage Planters

Beautiful Small Brides Basket

Vintage Christmas

I have never seen anything quite like these, they look like prisms. I got a bag full of the sparkly prisms and snowflakes.

Crucifix and Pillowcase

I did run to an Estate Sale on Friday during my lunch break and although there was not a lot of stuff, I found some great books and a few other items:

One other find I wanted to share with you belongs to my brother, he bought it this past week:

It's a 1971 Convertible Karmann Ghia.
Hope he let's me borrow it sometime!

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and found many treasures!

More pics of the other items I picked up this weekend on our facebook page here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

What a lovely day I had on Friday. I took the day off and of course spent it out junking with mom. We planned on hitting an Estate Sale first thing Friday morning. We arrived early and ended up being second in line. The house was in an older neighborhood and borders the hill area so we were expecting great things. There was a ton of stuff to dig through and I ended up with many goodies to include vintage baby clothes, vintage doll clothes and case, vintage Christmas and some miscellaneous odds and ends. But the smell in that house was horrible, it smelled like cat pee! If you want to see all the stuff from the Estate Sale you can go here. All good stuff but the real finds of the day came from a little Thrift Store in North Augusta that mom and I like to visit on occasion. The lady there lets us dig through the back room where she stores all the stuff she hasn't put out yet. I can't tell you how excited I was to find a Jeanette Glass Co. Cherry Blossom depression glass child's Dinner set in it's original box. After getting it home I did some research and found this article on The set is missing one cup and one cup is chipped but I am hoping to be able to find some online (not on though, they are asking $45.99 for cup and saucer). The Cherry Blossom pattern is just so lovely.

 One other find at the Thrift store was this vintage toothpick holder. Isn't he adorable!

On another note, I did get a new camera and I am loving it. Just need to learn how to operate it. I purchased an additional lens for close up shots. I will pick it up at the end of the week, so hopefully my picture quality will improve. I did use it to take the photos for my post today.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and found some vintage goodness!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sneaking in a Sale

This past month has been a blur, I have had one day off in the last 25 days. No time for junking! Friday was my first day off and I planned to spend it putting my neglected house back together and getting it ready for the oldest red headed girl's birthday party today. Of course I had to sneak in an estate sale too! Even though I was sleep deprived and had a billion other things that I needed to be doing I just couldn't resist (the sale just sounded too good). I had to run out to the grocery store anyway, so why not make a quick stop at the sale. I ended up staying at the sale for about an hour and a half and brought home some real beauties. So glad I went!

Lucite Purse


(all but one marked sterling, the black & rhinestone earrings are marked Otis-Sterling)

Old Shaving Mirror
(I have always wanted one of these, couldn't believe I found one)

And a few other goodies

The purse and shaving mirror were a gift to me from me. I think I deserved it after this past month! It felt so good to get to go junking after such a long absence.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and found many treasures!

More pics here on our Facebook page.

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