Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Big Church Sale

Twice a year a local church here has the most fabulous rummage sale. I have been attending these sales for many years now. I think a record was set yesterday as far as attendance goes. I couldn't believe how many people were there. I got there about 15 minutes early and met mom (we were about mid way in line). I was a little nervous that by the time we got in nothing would be left. It's kind of funny though, everyone is usually looking for different things and I always end up finding some treasures. I must admit I kind of froze once I got inside, not sure where to go first and wasting valuable time (does that ever happen to you?). Once I finally got my act together I did managed to pick up a few things:

Vintage Planters

Beautiful Small Brides Basket

Vintage Christmas

I have never seen anything quite like these, they look like prisms. I got a bag full of the sparkly prisms and snowflakes.

Crucifix and Pillowcase

I did run to an Estate Sale on Friday during my lunch break and although there was not a lot of stuff, I found some great books and a few other items:

One other find I wanted to share with you belongs to my brother, he bought it this past week:

It's a 1971 Convertible Karmann Ghia.
Hope he let's me borrow it sometime!

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and found many treasures!

More pics of the other items I picked up this weekend on our facebook page here.


  1. Wow you got some really fab finds there!

  2. Church rummage sales are great! It looks like you found several treasures. The Karmann Ghia is cute, but sure wouldn't hold many estate sale finds!!! :)

  3. The knives are gorgeous Verna!

  4. Love the planters and the car is totally sweet!

  5. What terrific, wonderful, fantastic, amazing finds! :-) In other words, you did good.
    Mary Alice

  6. Looks like a really fun sale. The pearl handled knifes are very nice. Come on over and see what I found at the barn sale we visited last weekend. You gals have such a good time and that car your brother bought . . . I think you should wear a scare, big sun glasses and red lip stick when you borrow it. Have a great week, Connie :)

  7. Oh my gosh! I was mentally congratulating you on your great finds, wishing I could find a cake stand like that, when I scrolled to your last photo of your brother's new car. What an unexpected and pleasurable surprise! I had a 1969 hardtop Karmen Ghia the exact same color, and it was my BABY for ten years until I gave it up because my first real baby's car seat wouldn't fit in the back. You sure don't see many of those anymore, especially here in Idaho! So congratulations to both of you on your great purchases, and please tell your brother how happy I am for him! What a lucky guy!

  8. You made some great buys! I love the turquoise planter! I have a collection of old McCoy planters in that color.

    And that photo of the Karmen Ghia brings back some great memories. My first car that I owned was a Karmen Ghia - I would love to have it back!

  9. Lovely finds!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  10. Aren't those church sales the best? I always find fabulous treasures there and the prices are always so good. Love those planters you found and all the other treasures too.

  11. Oh my! I need to find some church rummage sales! Those planters really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds and I will try very, very, very hard not to be jealous. Really. I will try. I mean it. (okay, I'm just a wee bit envious)

  12. These are beautiful finds!!! The planters, the embroidered pillow slip,the ornaments...I'm a sucker for shiny brites!!

  13. Gotta love those church rummage sales. Love the vintage planters and the pearlized knives. Wow, that Karmann Ghia is wonderful, good for your brother! Visiting from Share your cup Thurs.

  14. Boy, you sure found some really great things! I need to find a sale like that. Love the pretty knives!
    via Share Your Cup Thursday

  15. Great finds! Love the planters and the prisms. I was at a quilt retreat this weekend and my friends Aunt set up a vintage sale for us out on the lawn. Quite a few of us, but it's so nice that we all are not attracted to the same things, right? Love, love the car! How cute would you look driving down in that beauty? Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  16. Love the planters... and the car is pretty sweet too! Adorable Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!