Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Hill Estate Sale

There have been tons of Estate Sales in the Hill section of town this summer. I attended a sale on Friday morning in an old cottage that was just one street over from the sale I attended last week (where I found the fabulous bar cart). Old Mill Estate Sales had advertised the sale and they are not local so I was worried about what kind of prices they would have but Mom went over on Thursday to scout it out and came home with some very cool stuff and said they do bundle pricing. So you just make a pile and they give you a price, the more you buy the better the price. So I was up and at the sale early (first person there and didn't see anyone else until about 5 minutes before they opened the doors) ready to start making me a big ole pile of junk. There were three floors to go through - the attic (a huge standup), the main house and a basement. I started in the attic and my hands were full within 5 minutes. The main house was pretty picked over from the prior day so I ended up finding most of my stuff in the basement and attic. Here are a few of the things that went in my pile:

A little collection of Ballerinas
Ballerina dolls marked "Made in Italy" 
Two flat plastic Ballerinas (I have no idea what they are)
Love the illustration on the sweet little book


I found a lot of neat stuff in the basement

More metal stamps with letters and numbers (they are tiny)
Two bags of lovely keys
Ball Fridge and Freezer Jar
Old Coca Cola Rulers
My favorite is the office tray (beautiful details)

I also spotted this drawing and had to have it (the lady at the checkout said "She kind of looks like you" - I can't figure that one out except for the fact that I wear vintage style glasses.


Of course I had to find some big heavy stuff (my brother was not there to help me out this time) to lug around and make it hard to get down the stairs without banging into people.

Funeral Baskets - the paper mache and wicker one if my favorite
1930's School Wall Clocks

So it was another good week in the junking world!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

In the Basement

I posted earlier about my amazing find at a Hill Estate Sale that I went to on Friday. If you want to check it out, you can find it here. I had to dedicate a post to that item alone because it is so Fabulous but I did find many other really great items at this sale. My brother (who I love to go junking with) met me at the sale. After I had gone through the house a couple of times I met John down in the basement and I have to say that was where all the real treasures were. Tons of stuff sitting down there for who knows how long. There were a lot of people crammed up in that hot dirty basement and I was amazed that the items I walked away with had not been picked up already. So let's get to it, here is all the beautiful junk from the basement:

I spotted this lamp and quickly snatched it up, then my brother spotted another one. So we both got one of these beautiful Greist Goose Neck Lamps!


I spotted this gorgeous old galvanized bucket full of junk and emptied it out and threw it in my pile! Never have seen one quite this color. It also has a little spout on the side.

This old riffle box was calling my name! (Sorry about the horrible grass, it seems like the yard guy was just here but with all this rain we have been getting it grows fast!)


Here are a few other things I found upstairs in the house and downstairs in the basement. I love the odd shaped jars with the zinc lids. They are a little different and will look lovely in the sewing room full of buttons.

It was a fun sale and I really enjoyed getting to junk with my brother. I did get a lot more stuff and you can check it out on our Facebook page.

Hoping Mom is ready to get back to it next week, I think there is going to be another great sale on the Hill.

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