Saturday, February 4, 2017

Estate Sale - Old Egg Crate

I ran over to the only interesting sale that was advertised this week during my lunch break on Friday. I would have gone with Mom earlier that morning but I had a work obligation that I had to attend to so we were unable to meet up.

Mom called me after she had done a run through and she was pretty happy with her purchases. She got an old mannequin bust (I was so jealous!! but really happy for her because she has been wanting one for a while now), some old glove molds (again - jealous), and an assortment of charming vintage smalls.

So with that in mind I couldn't wait to get there. Well most of the items I would have been interested in were already sold by the time I strolled in the door so I had to really hunt for my treasures. I did find two really fantastic items that I will be keeping for myself. A great old egg crate and an collapsible Laundry Basket.

After circling around the house about 3 times, I also came away with these smalls.

The pig shoes were too cute to pass up!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!