Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrifty Halloween Costume

The Red Headed Girls want to be Laura and Mary from Little House on the Prairie. So their Great Aunt who loves them so much decided to look around to see what she could come up with. I had purchased three boxes of patterns at a Church sale over the summer and in one of the boxes I found a pattern that I thought would work. The cost of the pattern would be around a nickel (there were tons of patterns in those boxes).

1980's McCall Pattern

I started with the apron (the one over the blue dress). I used an old sheet that I had picked up at an estate sale for material (cost fifty cent). I worked on it last night and this morning and couldn't be happier with the finished product.


Of course I used buttons from my own stash.


So this little apron cost less than a dollar!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deocrating with Thrifty Finds

I have always wanted my home to represent me, to show who I am and what I love. I realized early on that I couldn't do that by decorating my home with mass produced items, things that you could find in everyone else's home. The thought of buying a picture to hang on the wall and then seeing that same picture on my neighbor's wall makes me cringe. No I wanted my home to be original, unique and different. I am not necessarily a "green" person but I like the idea of reusing items or repurposing items rather than simply tossing them out. I like buying vintage and using it in my home for it's intended purpose or as a decorative object. So I guess that is my lead in to showing you some photo's of my bedroom. The room is about 95% thrifted. I was very lucky to stumble across my bedroom furniture at an estate sale and it was love at first sight. It is a 1960's French Provincial set with "French Blue" stamped on the back. No need to paint this lovely furniture because it's original paint is in excellent condition. 

The bedroom set included this desk and chair. I intend to keep adding artwork around this space all the way to the ceiling. The two french etchings were found at a church sale for $2. The long picture was purchased at an antique store but is not old or original however I loved the ladies with their umbrellas. Some people may have a portrait of themselves hanging on their wall and so do I, only mine was done at Six Flags over Georgia when I was about 5 years old (it's one of my favorite pieces).

The bed is a king size and I love it! All the linens are thrifted except the sheets. Some of the euro shams were found at our local flea market.

This bolster was purchased at an annual antique show that is held at a local church here in Augusta.

I found the Good Night sham in Atlanta at the Scott Antique Show (my favorite place to shop).

Another Scott's find was this charming bistro table. I decided to use it as a bedside table.

It is home to some of my vintage clocks picked up here and there, some photo's of my boys, and a old fan that was given to me by a lady who works at the Lynndale school across the street from where I work. Lynndale teaches handicapped men and women how to refinish furniture, cane chairs and they run a Nursery. You can just see a blue sign behind the table that my father had done some practice lettering on (he was a sign painter). It is a piece I cherish.

The dresser is gorgeous but there was no mirror. I purchased the mirror at an estate sale and painted it. I may change it out at some point but for now I like it.

I found this lovely garden goddess at the Market downtown. It is made by a Aiken SC artist named Ann Baker. If you get a chance check out her work. It is amazing. She is meant to stand in your garden but she was too pretty to leave outside.

I found this little topiary stand at a yard sale and use it as a hat stand. The little hat was an estate sale find.
The lucite purse was a gift to myself purchased at an estate sale.

The chest of drawers houses some of my thrifted treasures.

The little shelf was found at the Annual Junior League Attic sale (it's really a bath room shelf but I turned it upside down and decided to use it a different way). The shelf holds some of my vintage jewelry, a lovely old clock (Scott's show purchase), some lovely angels made in Germany, and my fabulous hand! The picture in the background was given to me by my mother. A missionary friend of hers gave it to her. It is a photo of the Jewish Quarter. I re-framed it and it seemed to fit perfectly in this space.


Melva is dressed in vintage of course. I found Melva at the Lakewood Antique show many years ago. 

Sorry the photo is so dark but hopefully you can see the adorable nightstand. It has the most unique doors. There are two nightstands but I use one in my bathroom since I did not need it for the other side of the bed.

So that it a little peak into my bedroom. When I walk in that room it makes me smile. It has me written all over it and I love that! It did not cost a fortune and is still beautiful (at least to me).

Hope you enjoyed this little tour and seeing what I do with some of my thrifty finds!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Birds of Happiness

Not a lot going on here in August GA as far as sales go this weekend. Mom and I did go to a sale early in the week but I think we missed out on most of the good stuff because we had to wait until I got off work before we could head that way. I did manage to pick up some really sweet linens (I always say I am going to stop buying them because I have way too many already but I just can't help myself when I see the sweet embroidered ones). I came home with a small stash but it was enough to bring me some "happiness"! Here's what made it's way home with me:

Sweet Pillowcases

I love these Days of the Week Towels


And how cute are these jar lids

(a great way to use damaged linens - thanks for sparking that thought Tammy)

Vintage Christmas

Small but lovely finds.

 Hope everyone found wonderful vintage goodness this weekend!

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