Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Birds of Happiness

Not a lot going on here in August GA as far as sales go this weekend. Mom and I did go to a sale early in the week but I think we missed out on most of the good stuff because we had to wait until I got off work before we could head that way. I did manage to pick up some really sweet linens (I always say I am going to stop buying them because I have way too many already but I just can't help myself when I see the sweet embroidered ones). I came home with a small stash but it was enough to bring me some "happiness"! Here's what made it's way home with me:

Sweet Pillowcases

I love these Days of the Week Towels


And how cute are these jar lids

(a great way to use damaged linens - thanks for sparking that thought Tammy)

Vintage Christmas

Small but lovely finds.

 Hope everyone found wonderful vintage goodness this weekend!

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  1. You found some nice treasures. It was good to hear about your 'furniture' memories and Lynndale. I was on the phone last night with an old friend who lives in N. Augusta...we worked at Fort Gordon together (she still does)...I'm not much of a phone talker but we managed to spend three hours catching up ;)

  2. The colours of the Christmas decorations are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Those embroidered linens are really sweet. I like the vintage Christmas ornaments too. Great finds!


  4. Wonderful treasures! I love the vintage cottage look of those linens, and what a sweet idea for those lids! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Okay, I am a sucker every time for embroidered linens like that! I have a set of days of the week towels that my grandma gave me for a wedding shower gift 10 years ago that I haven't been able to bring myself to actually use! LOL I do love finding dishtowels that aren't in totally perfect condition because then I don't feel so bad wiping my wet hands all over them! :) The jar lid idea is CLEVER! And love those pretty ornaments of course!

  6. Love those linens! They are like what my Grandma used to do and the sort of patterns that she used to teach me embroidery as a small child ! :)

  7. oh gosh im' the same way with linens. especially embroidery. i LOVE the idea with the jar lids! how cute, especially if you were giving as gifts! i love them.

  8. Those sweet little birdies certainly would have been hard for me to leave behind. Glad they found a good home with you!


  9. beautiful embroideries! I keep gasping at the blue bird one then again when i see the vegetably ones - they are all so adorable and desirable. lucky you! :)

  10. Lovely indeed! I adore the bird pillowcases. Oh how I would love to run across a set similar to yours. The days of the week dishtowels are very cute too. Always love vintage ornaments. Thanks for sharing your finds with SYC.