Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrifty Halloween Costume

The Red Headed Girls want to be Laura and Mary from Little House on the Prairie. So their Great Aunt who loves them so much decided to look around to see what she could come up with. I had purchased three boxes of patterns at a Church sale over the summer and in one of the boxes I found a pattern that I thought would work. The cost of the pattern would be around a nickel (there were tons of patterns in those boxes).

1980's McCall Pattern

I started with the apron (the one over the blue dress). I used an old sheet that I had picked up at an estate sale for material (cost fifty cent). I worked on it last night and this morning and couldn't be happier with the finished product.


Of course I used buttons from my own stash.


So this little apron cost less than a dollar!


  1. Wow, it looks great! That is much more than a cheap&cheerful costume - it has a lovely heirloom look to it. Those red headed girls are lucky! :)

  2. I love the apron and can't wait to see the dresses!
    Hugs, Penny

  3. So cute! Hope you show us the rest when you're done.
    Mary Alice

  4. This is so precious. What a great idea to use a sheet.

  5. This is a very pretty apron. Looks lovely.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  6. Beautiful!! I wish when I was a girl I would have had an aunt who was as awesome as you!

  7. Looks like it stepped right out of Little House on the Prairie. Can't wait to see pics of the girls all dressed up. You did an awesome job and how great that it cost you next ot nothing. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. It turned out beautifully. The plain white really shows the beautiful detail on the front. What a lucky little girl!

  9. What a wonderful project! I wish I could sew from a pattern. Thanx for joining THT!