Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Spring Break

In Augusta GA spring break really means The Masters Golf Tournament. It will consume our beautiful city and my life for the next three weeks. With that being said I will be taking a break from my blog until the week after the 2012 Masters Champion receives his Green Jacket. I hope I can make it that long with out junking and blogging! I will be keeping up with all of you though.

So before I go on my spring break I thought I would share something related to the Masters Golf Tournament that I found years ago at an Estate Sale in a ginormous house on the hill. While digging through the sewing room (a room most people were not interested in) I came across these two vintage Augusta National Golf Club scarves:

This one is from the 70's

This one is from the early 90's

I paid $3 for each. I thought about selling them but just could not bring myself to give them up.

I will be very envious of all of you over the next few weeks as I know you will be out finding beautiful treasures and you can be sure I will be reading all about your adventures. I will be back as soon as my life returns to normal! Until then - Happy Hunting!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage Aprons

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons - who doesn't love them. I have a small collection of vintage aprons and I adore them because most are hand made and the old fabrics that were used are just so beautiful. They are often embellished with ric-rac or lace and that just adds to their charm. Here are a few of my aprons:

I have my aprons displayed in my kitchen on little rack I found at the antique mall several years ago. I fell in love with this little rack the moment I saw it. Mom liked it too, she said she wished we had one for the our booth (what are the chances of ever finding another one).

I guess the chances of finding another one were pretty good after all! You can imagine my delight when mom and I went to a Church sale yesterday and found the exact twin to my rack. We were so excited that we took it straight to the booth! It is a fabulous display piece.  I also bought about 150 patterns for $3. I bet you can guess what I found when digging through all those patterns.

I also found this sweet vintage fabric

and I found two frames that will be great for a project I saw on Pinterest

It will have to be painted of course!

Hope you all found what you were looking for this weekend and please visit our Facebook page here for more photos (we would love it if you would "like us").

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Katie Dean

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from an old friend (and one time sister in law) telling me that she had sold her house and was in the process of packing. During the process of packing she had come across a bag of material and vintage linen that her mother used in sewing projects and wanted to know if I might want it. So last night I went over and picked up the bag (and a few other things) and had a nice visit catching up with my friend. As I said earlier, she used to be my sister in law and her mother (Katie Dean) my one time mother in law.
I know a lot of people don't care for their in laws, but I was very close with Katie Dean. We shared a love of antiques and she was a wonderful friend to me. She was also a sewer and crafter. She had accumulated quite a bit of linens that she used to make dolls and other crafty things. We lost Katie Dean in the early nineties to breast cancer, so naturally it meant a lot to me to receive this gift. So here's a little peak at some of the linens that were in the bag:

I think I squealed out loud when I pulled this beautiful red work piece out of the bag!

There were Hankies, Grain Sacks, & Kitchen Linens

Tablecloths, Baby Things, Pillow Cases, Lace & Doilies


And this lovely piece

These were just a few of my favorite pieces, but there are tons more to dig through so who  knows what else I might find. I plan to use the damaged pieces in sewing projects and I am thinking about getting the red work piece framed to hang on the wall. It is just so lovely and I would like to keep it as it is. There are more pics on our Facebook page here if you want to take a peek.

I am so thrilled and appreciative that I received these wonderful gifts that once belonged to Katie Dean. She was a beautiful and talented soul that I miss still.