Saturday, March 3, 2012

Junior League Attic Sale

The  favorite event of my thrifting world would have to be the Annual Junior League Attic Sale which is always held the first Friday in March. Helen (mom) and two of her daughters (me and Van) never miss this little soiree (my beautiful niece who is the mother of the red headed girls also attended this year). We arrived late and I think the biggest crowd ever was in attendance so I was a little anxious to see what I would be able to get my hands on once we got inside. The doors opened at 7p and everyone made a mad dash to their area of interest. Many of my friends attend this event but it is an unspoken rule - shop first and socialize later. So we all scattered to the four corners of the building and started our treasure hunt. I was a little disappointed this year at the pricing, it seemed to have been jacked up a little bit (and you pay double on preview night). Of course I still managed to find a lot of fabulous items and it is a fund raising event so I can't complain. I was able to catch up with several friends towards the end of the evening and went home a happy camper. Here are some of my finds from the sale (warning - lots of pics):

Covered Vegetable, Vegetable Bowl, Platter
Churchill Pink Willow Rosa

Classic Pooh Discovery Bowl & Cup
Spode China

Old Bottles
Got lucky with one of them and did not realize it was a
Vintage French Perfume Bottle

Apothecary Jar and Small Decanter

Vintage Olde World Globe Bookends

Vintage Honey Acres Bottles

Pink Shoe Stretchers
Vintage Cookie Press
Vintage "Gerry" Christmas Poodle Pin
Lobster Bottle Opener

Vintage Pink Metal Bathroom Shelf with towel Rack

Vintage Medicine Cabinet with Etched Mirror

We had such a great time at the sale as we always do, I have posted tons of photos on our Facebook Page. You can find the here.

The weather here has been gloomy all day so I did not go out, hoping all my blogging friends are safe and sound with all the bad weather that has been through Indiana, Ohio and Alabama.


  1. WOW....LOVE all of it. Meg xx

  2. This must have been a great sale because you found some mighty nice stuff. I love the Winnie the Pooh items.❤

  3. Yes, the news of the bad weather is so auful! Praying for everyones safety. You found some great treasures. What a fun event!

  4. Hey Verna,
    Yes, it was a great sale! I saw you while I was eating and had planned to get up and come and say hello but as quick as I saw you, I lost was quite crowded.
    I really enjoyed myself and will certainly make plans to attend again next year. Thank you so much for letting us know about this sale. It was wonderful!
    Great finds btw!

  5. Well it looks like you did ok. Love the medicine cabinet and the pink willow.


  6. wahoo!!! You scored some great finds!! Love the winnie the pooh mug the best!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  7. Wow! Love the Churchill pieces!! There is something about empty bottles that is just mesmerizing. You found some great ones.

    Verna, good thing we don't shop the same sales. We would both be trying to pick up the same things! ;)

  8. Fantastic finds, I love the pooh pieces!

  9. I think my favorites are the globe bookends and the glass bottles. Looks like a fun sale.

  10. Wow! You did exceptionally well! Love the pink willow and the pink shoe stretchers!