Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deja Vu

Well my Favorite Junking Partner (Mom) joined me this morning on another quest to find some great vintage junk. I was happy to have her back after going it alone the past several weeks. As usual, we had our plan mapped out. First stop was an estate/moving sale (the same one I went to a couple of weeks ago and scored all of those vintage baby items). They opened the basement this time. I found lots of goodies down there to include an old Landers, Frary and Clark thermos (circa 1916), some reproduction Dietz lanterns, a really cute little step ladder, and a box of old sewing stuff. I really wanted to poke around a little more, but Mom was ready to move on to the next sale so we paid and left. Here are the finds from Sale #1:

Stop #2 had me a little worried, something about the ad just didn't add up. Some guy moving and selling everything in his house. The ad said he had a lot of antiques (and he was not using a estate company to help him). This could be good or bad. It was bad, he had looked everything up on ebay and thought that people would be more than happy to pay those prices. He kept asking mom and I about pricing and I was like "Dude, you are probably not going to sale anything if you are holding out for those kind of prices, people going to these kind of sales are looking for deals". In my head I was saying "You are one crazy little man that talks way too much". I did end up talking him off the pricing ledge on a couple of items. I could go on and on about this kooky little guy but I won't. Mom did not care for him at all and did not buy anything. Here is what I was able to take home with me:

Sale # 3 was a repeat also. I had attended last weekend (the one where they sold my stuff out from under me). The family was running the sale this weekend and the prices were better, most things were a dollar. I scored a beautiful vintage steel cut belt buckle, some vintage beaded trim, and some vintage holiday cards plus a few other items. Here are some of the items I walked away with:

Our last stop (Sale #4) was the best of all. It was a Church sale that started yesterday (I was unable to attend yesterday due to a little thing called work), so I wasn't expecting much to be left today but I pleasantly surprised and found some great treasures. I found a vintage gold lame Ande' clutch purse, some great vintage patterns, vintage Christmas paper coasters, a set of Funk & Wagnall (gotta love the name) encyclopedias, and a gorgeous tablecloth among other things. I only spent $6 at the sale.

But my favorite find of the day is this little lady, she is a vintage cast iron cake mold and she is one hot chick!

I know I say this every week, but I buy quite a bit of stuff and always photograph it all, so if you want to take a peek go here. Also if you love vintage fashion, I posted  about 500 hundred photo's from a 1944 Vogue book you might be interested in checking out here, here and here or you can check out the post I did on the book here. It had many gorgeous pictures and ads that might be helpful in dating vintage clothing, perfume bottles and other lovely stuff.

Hope you all have had as wonderful a day as I have and found fabulous things!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

If I Could be a Book

I would want to be this one. I wish I could live in this book. My friend at work who knows I am a vintage girl brought in a book that had belonged to her mother because she thought I might enjoy looking through it. When I saw the title of the book I was so excited I didn't know if I could wait until I got home to start flipping through it (but I did). I'm really not quite sure what this book is, it's titled Vogue 1944 Volume 104 Pt. 2. It appears to be a book that was being discarded from a College Library. Luckily my friend's mother saved it. Please enjoy the photos and if you want to see them all you can go to our Facebook page. I took over 500 pictures and obviously can't share them all here. So here goes - Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed, I know I had a blast looking at all the photos and ads. Thanks to my friend Deborah for sharing. I told her to leave it to me in her will. Please do visit our Facebook page for the other photos, you will not be disappointed!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I vowed to stay home this weekend and work on my ever growing inventory and I did, however I did cheat a little and went to a couple of Estate Sales before work yesterday. I didn't really load up like I usually do, but I did find a few special items. At sale #1 I picked up the following items:

This lovely box (the wood is gorgeous) with a great old lock attached.

And my favorite of the day, this little chick creamer, I did some research and think it is from the 1940's, I found another online that looks very similar except that chick had on a different hat. Anyway, I think she is adorable.

Isn't she sweet!

I was really excited about sale #2, however it did not turn out to be what I had dreamed up in my head. It happened to be located across the street from where I work and is an older house. The ad said they were selling everything inside and out to include light fixtures. So I was looking for some good vintage salvage. That was not the case, I saw one light fixture and it was to pricey for me. So I wandered on through the house and managed to find various small items. Here is what I came away with:

These bird prints were to good to pass up for $1 each, they are really beautiful.

I fell in love with this picture!

Very dainty silver plate napkin rings.

A little bling, love the pin.

A little vintage Christmas, they plugged it in and it works!

So yesterday's finds were enough to satisfy me so that I could stay home today and work on my inventory. I wanted to go out this morning but fought the urge, wonder what I missed!

I would like to thank Cap Creations for featuring me on her "Thrifty Goodness Link Up". Please check out her blog and join the party.
I did get a few more items yesterday, you can go here to see all the goods! And we would love it if you would like us on Facebook!