Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hoarders and An Old Friend

What a wonderful day here in Augusta GA, the weather has cooled and that brought out the yard sales in droves. There were probably a hundred or more going on (I'm not kidding). Two large neighborhoods were having their annual sales and I chose to go to these instead of the one Estate Sale that was advertised. I am glad I did. The prices were so much better. There is nothing better than getting something for fifty cents. The first house I hit belonged to a hoarder of sorts, her garage was filled with some beautiful vintage goodies mixed in with a bunch of regular stuff, however she said not everything in there was for sale. You had to select an item, go find her and ask her if she was willing to part with it. It was like pulling teeth to get her part with anything (her daughter kept reminding her the goal was to get rid of stuff). After about 45 minutes of going back and forth (this was exhausting - oh the things we do for vintage) I ended up with five old blue bottles, a beautiful yellow mixing bowl, a glass caddy, and 2 vintage walking sticks made in Germany.

Vintage Mixing Bowl -  paid fifty cents (for my collection)

Don't know if this is vintage but it is so sweet

Don't know much about these but I liked them

As I was digging through the hoarder's stuff I felt a tap on my shoulder. There standing behind me was an old High School friend I haven't seen in over 25 years. It was such a pleasant surprise. We spent a few minutes catching up and it was so great to see her. Wish we would have had more time but we both needed to move on. On my way out of the neighborhood I stopped at a couple of more sales and found some darling hangers for my sewing room, a bottle with a great label on it, an chippy shelf, lampshade, and a vintage Hoffritz NY safety razor made in Germany (in case).

Mom -"what are you going to do with that"

I ended my morning by checking in at mom's (her neighborhood was one of the neighborhood's having their annual sale and she was participating so she was not able to go out with me this morning). She gave me a few goodies, one thing in particular that I had been eyeing for a while now. Left her house and went by the grocery store where I promptly knocked over a display and sent cereal boxes scattering everywhere. I was glad to finally get home and look at all my beautiful things. Now to decide what to sell and what to keep.

I have posted a ton of pictures on our Facebook page, if you want to take a peek you can go here.

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  1. Wow. You did good. I like the bottles especially the one with the label.

  2. wow! You found some serious treasure! I cannot imagine what the hoarder's sale was like! Hilarious!

  3. Great finds I dont think I would have had the patience to do the hoarders garage sale. Was it a messy (dirty) hoarder or a organized one?

  4. Oh, the blue bottles are so pretty! You have more patience than I do, though. I would have tired of the back and forth in a hurry! Sorry she wouldn't let go of the scale (saw your comment at Just a Little Southern Hospitality's scale post). We had lots of yard sales from which to choose and several were neighborhood sales. The rain kind of spoiled a lot of sales (or crammed them into garages), but we still managed to shop! It's great when there are so many from which to choose!

  5. I love the hangers you've been gathering. I was just sifting through a pile in my stash. They don't make 'em like that anymore! Also the blue jars...swoon

  6. You got some great things; the blue bottles are my favorite! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!