Saturday, October 8, 2011

Babies and Books

I started my day at 5:30am this morning, there were several promising ads in the paper and I wanted to get to a few of those sales early. The first sale was advertised as "Cleaning out Grandma's house". Sounded good right? I headed over and arrived at 6:50am (still dark outside). They had no lights. Really! I could not see a thing. I did make out some old keys and that's the best find at sale number one.

My second stop was a Annual Rummage Sale at the First Baptist Church in Evans. I usually have pretty good luck at this sale but not today. Couldn't find a thing and witnessed some rudeness. Two women were sifting through some stuff on a table and the first woman had an item in her hand and laid it down for a second, the second woman swiftly picked it. The first woman said "Sorry, that's mine" and the second woman said "If you take your hand off of it then it's fair game". People never cease to amaze me.

My next stop was the winner of the day. It was kind of a living estate sale and kind of a moving sale. Once I entered the house I knew there was no need to go anywhere else after this (I pretty much blew my budget here).  Lots of old books, so I picked up several. One was a 1964 edition of "Gone with the Wind". My birth year so I had to get it. I found a beautiful blue chenille bedspread. As I was digging around I saw something peeking out of a bag that looked like my kind of stuff - Vintage Baby Clothes. It was a huge bag and I paid $20 for the whole lot of it. Turned out to have 56 pieces of clothing, 20 blankets, 5 bonnets, 2 booties, 2 pair of shoes and 1 bib. Most of it is in excellent condition. I also picked up a old baby doll crib and cradle. Other finds at this sale include a old clock, cow creamer made in France, vintage sifter, old bucket, and some old ornaments.

 Once I get all the baby things laundered and pressed I plan on doing a post on them, there were some really adorable things in that bag. Hope everyone found great things this weekend.

As always there are more detailed photos on our Facebook page, you can find them here.
Update - I have laundered and pressed quite a few pieces of the vintage baby clothes if you want to take a sneak peek here.

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  1. Those keys are fabulous, old keys are one of my favourite, favourite things and you've picked up some lovely ones!! Well worth braving the dark for :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Gorgeous keys. Sounds like you scooped with the baby clothes.

  3. love the keys I cant believe how rude that buyer was

  4. The keys look huge and remind me of the scary key I was given when I first went to work in an old psychiatric unit!!!! I look forwards to seeing the retro baby clothes x

  5. Looks like a fruitful day of treasure hunting!


  6. Great keys! I never put anything down incase something like that happens to me.

  7. That seems like the kinda sale days I've been having. The end of summer sales ahhhh! As I like to say you have to turn over every rock you, never know where that treasure will be.

  8. I really love it when I hit a sale that has so much fun stuff. The chenille spread is beautiful. Those keys are wonderful. I'll be watching for the baby clothes post; I bet they are so sweet.

  9. I can't wait to see all of your clean and pressed baby clothes, what a find. The clock caught my eye right away. All of your treasures are great.

  10. Great finds! Must be true that the 'early bird gets the worm'. I think you got the worm and the apple caboot! Love the chenille bedspread. Can't wait to see the baby clothing. Are they vintage? In my opinion, nothing is worth fighting over. You know it's just stuff. Some of it darn good stuff, but still not worth a battle.

  11. 'Visited your FB page and love the trims you got the most -- and the chenille -- fun stuff!

  12. I love those old keys. . .wouldn't they be fun to make a necklace or something with

  13. Lucky lady! I look forward to the post about the baby clothes! Vintage domestic life and old books, what could be better. Well maybe, fewer rude people?

  14. Sounds like a great day of thrifting! Thanks so much for linking up--hope you'll be back this week!