Saturday, April 27, 2013

Junking Old School

Mom and I attended an estate sale this weekend at a big old house down in the Hill Area of town. I heard that no one has lived in this house for years (it was very neglected and in need of some TLC). Yep, a big old house full of vintage goodness just sitting there for years! Can you imagine, this is the stuff dreams are made of (well my dreams anyway!). Obviously a teacher at one time resided in this house because I found some great vintage school items. As I sifted through several boxes on a table, my heart went pitter patter when I opened this one:

 I know two little red headed girls that are going to love these! 

 I also bought the following items, I think some of these would be adorable framed and hung up in a child's room:

 I would have been happy with just the school stuff but when I went out to the garage I spotted Vintage Christmas and some Vintage Easter (one of the bunnies kind of reminds me of Yoda):

 Okay so I would have been happy with the school stuff and vintage holiday stuff but there was jewelry!

So that should have done it right? Oh but then I saw this vintage Queen of Heats Tea Set:

So I finally pulled myself away and called it a day, but when my phone rang this morning and I saw Mom's number pop up I knew she wanted to go back today and so we did. The house was pretty much picked clean but I did manage to find a few more fabulous things.


What a great sale and a bonus was that my favorite two Estate Sale ladies (Brenda and Elaine) were running this sale. Wish every sale was this wonderful!

Hoping everyone is having a great weekend and finding great vintage treasures!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to Normal

Wow, I haven't written a post since January! Not because I didn't want to but because work takes over my life this time of year. We had an exciting finish to our little golf Tournament here and I was thrilled to see Adam Scott of Australia don the Green Jacket. I am also just as thrilled that it is behind me and my life can return to normal (at least for the next 6 months).

After working long, long days for months I actually got to take a day off on Friday and of course I went junking. There was an estate sale just down the road but I didn't have much luck there, picked up a box of vintage costume patterns, some fabric and a shepherds hook.

On Saturday I met Mom at a Church Sale and had much better luck. You just can't beat the prices at these sales (I don't think I even spent $20). I found some old paper mache Easter eggs. They are marked "made in Western Germany" and "made in German Democratic Republic" which I would like to say makes them valuable but unfortunately that is not the case. If you ever come across one of these eggs and it is marked "German" that would be the valuable one. I still love these old candy containers and one of them has some pretty paper lace on the inside. I also found tons of linens that I didn't need but bought them anyway! I had a couple of bags full when I got home. Also picked up some old cook books, an adorable little vintage ice pick, FB Rogers sliver plate napkin rings, a nice brand new pair of garden gloves, some vintage cocktail napkins to add to my collection and some old sewing books and patterns.

On another note, we celebrated the Red Headed Girls Birthday on Saturday at Steed Dairy Farm and I thought I would share a couple of pictures of the cowgirls.


It's been a wonderful weekend, I hope yours has been as well!

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