Friday, April 25, 2014


I don't know about you but I am always antsy to get to a sale on the first day and be pretty close to the front of the line. I feel like I will miss out on the good stuff if I am not through that door within the first few minutes. That's not always the case though, after years of going to estate sales I have come to realize that not everyone is looking for the same thing. I have also noticed that smaller things tend to get overlooked sometimes. I thought I would share a little something that I found at a sale late in the day. I couldn't believe someone had not grabbed him, hugged him and taken him home. I guess he was unable to entice anyone with his charm (that is until I came along). He just looked so adorable that I grabbed him, hugged him and brought him home (he cost almost nothing). He has been sitting on my shelf for a while now and I just recently decided that I was going to list him in my Etsy Shop but first I had to find out exactly what he was. A carnival prize maybe? I didn't even know where to start looking. I just kept searching until I finally found another cutie pie just like him. To my shock and surprise I found out that he is the Vintage French Bluette Fashion Doll's Dog Fripon. Bluette Fashion Dolls were made from around 1905 to 1957 (I think).
He is very collectible and let's just say I made a good investment with him. So you see, nobody knows everything about everything. All of those pickers walked right by him and left him there just for me, the girl who could not make it to the sale until the end of the day!

He may just go back up on the shelf!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Treasure Hunting On A Rainy Day

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but it has been pretty crappy around here the past few days. Rainy and cold, where is Spring? Obviously that didn't stop Mom and I from doing a little junk hunting yesterday. We hit three estate sales and a couple of yard sales. One of the estate sales was at the house of the owner of a catering company here in Augusta. There was so much stuff there it was hard to focus! We didn't go to this sale first so I have no idea what we missed out on but I did find two sets of fabulous vintage Leacock Embroidered Applique Madeira Cocktail Napkins. I couldn't believe they were still there! I have a huge collection of cocktail napkins so I was pretty happy to find two sets, one for me and one to list in my Etsy shop. At the first sale we went to I found some really cool cuff links that I am just in love with. I guess I may have to hang on to them for a while. I always pick up stuff with the thought of listing it but sometimes the more I look at it the more I just want to hold on to it for a while. Not a good habit! Oh well, here are a few photos of my junk haul from yesterday:

Mostly Jewelry, bits and pieces and some very cute baby shoes from the first sale:

The second sale was at the catering house, old 1965 Swim Suit trophy (I am really in love with this trophy), lots of cocktail napkins, old book with great illustrations, an old train car, 1971 Cook Book and a ton of paper doilies:

The only thing I bought at the third sale was a storage container full of wrapping and shipping paper which I can always use. I thought that some of the wrapping paper might be vintage but I am not sure. I really didn't buy anything at the two yard sales. All in all is was a pretty good day. The cocktail napkins alone were worth the trip out!

Hope you are having a great weekend and finding lovely vintage treasures!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Old Crow

It's Masters Week here in Augusta GA and this is the first time in a long time that I have been able to enjoy it. I worked there for almost 14 years and believe me it's not that enjoyable when you have to work 14 to 15 hours a day for almost 3 weeks straight. Nothing else is on your radar except the Tournament. So I was very happy to get out and about with Mom this morning to do a little junk hunting. I took Mom over to the house that I got all the good stuff from last week in hopes of getting some more but there really wasn't much left. I did manage to find a cute little vintage plaque that I will display at Christmas, a little honeycomb bee candle, a Paris print and a vintage monogrammed euro sham.

From there we headed over to the Antique Mall so Mom could handle some business and I found this little guy in the dollar bin.

Isn't he adorable. He's an Old Crow Advertising piece. I just love him, he has already made himself at home downstairs in my Dining Room! He's a keeper!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! If you are out junking I hope you find many beautiful treasures!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Fruitful Day

I went to three Estate Sales yesterday and they were all being run by the families. You know what that means right? Great prices! I had to go it alone yesterday because Mom is out of town visiting family in Tifton GA. I set out early and had a fender bender right out of the gate, you know how you think traffic is moving but it's not? I had accelerated because I thought the car in front of me was starting to move but she stopped and I slammed on breaks and bumped into her. I say bump because that's what it was, no damage to her car and just a scratch on mine. I felt really stupid! Oh well these things happen sometimes. When the lady I bumped asked the Police Officer about getting her neck and back looked at (I think I may have rolled my eyes) I couldn't believe it, I mean are people just crazy! Of course this whole debacle made me late for the first sale.

When I finally arrived at the first sale there was lots of digging to do. The garage was packed with stuff. I only spent $20 at this sale. Here are a few of the things I bought at sale #1:

I found two Westclox Pocket Bens, they don't work but they are pretty!

I have a thing for little jewelry boxes now and was happy to find this blue one.

1966 Mattel, this brings back childhood memories!

Aren't these little doll chairs cute!

She a Bailey's and not that old but I just love her and will most likely keep her.

Friendship Pyrex covered dish with stand

I also got two huge bags of craft stuff at this sale. As most of you know I am not a big Pyrex collector and know very little about it but I thought I would take a chance and purchase this divided dish, lid and stand and see how it does on Etsy.  I bought the Mattel piece because it reminds me of the creepy crawly bugs me and my brother used to make when we were kids.

The second sale did not yield as much but I was totally happy to get this absolutely gorgeous chenille bedspread for $10.

No stains, tears or holes on this beauty!

I have to say the third sale was the charm, keep in mind I only spent $14.

Goebel Cardinal Condiment Set

Very Large Crock

This was someone's ceramic project in 1982 but I thought it was just darling.


I can't identify the maker of these glasses, but this was too fun not to bring home!

Made in Germany of course!

Just thought this was adorable!

Very large ashtray (Royal Bavaria) that I found very interesting.

I was so excited to find this old bow tie, it's the first one I have ever found!

Embroidered Pillowcases

Johnson Bros.

Watering Can from Woolworths

1980's Estee Lauder Nesting Duck Solid Perfume (this may be my best find of the day, I thought it was hideous and that usually means it's worth something - we shall see)

I also found these lovely ladies yesterday, it always makes me happy to find old patterns!

I did get quite a bit of stuff yesterday, if you want to see it all you can visit our Facebook page here.
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Hope you are having a great weekend!

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