Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Fruitful Day

I went to three Estate Sales yesterday and they were all being run by the families. You know what that means right? Great prices! I had to go it alone yesterday because Mom is out of town visiting family in Tifton GA. I set out early and had a fender bender right out of the gate, you know how you think traffic is moving but it's not? I had accelerated because I thought the car in front of me was starting to move but she stopped and I slammed on breaks and bumped into her. I say bump because that's what it was, no damage to her car and just a scratch on mine. I felt really stupid! Oh well these things happen sometimes. When the lady I bumped asked the Police Officer about getting her neck and back looked at (I think I may have rolled my eyes) I couldn't believe it, I mean are people just crazy! Of course this whole debacle made me late for the first sale.

When I finally arrived at the first sale there was lots of digging to do. The garage was packed with stuff. I only spent $20 at this sale. Here are a few of the things I bought at sale #1:

I found two Westclox Pocket Bens, they don't work but they are pretty!

I have a thing for little jewelry boxes now and was happy to find this blue one.

1966 Mattel, this brings back childhood memories!

Aren't these little doll chairs cute!

She a Bailey's and not that old but I just love her and will most likely keep her.

Friendship Pyrex covered dish with stand

I also got two huge bags of craft stuff at this sale. As most of you know I am not a big Pyrex collector and know very little about it but I thought I would take a chance and purchase this divided dish, lid and stand and see how it does on Etsy.  I bought the Mattel piece because it reminds me of the creepy crawly bugs me and my brother used to make when we were kids.

The second sale did not yield as much but I was totally happy to get this absolutely gorgeous chenille bedspread for $10.

No stains, tears or holes on this beauty!

I have to say the third sale was the charm, keep in mind I only spent $14.

Goebel Cardinal Condiment Set

Very Large Crock

This was someone's ceramic project in 1982 but I thought it was just darling.


I can't identify the maker of these glasses, but this was too fun not to bring home!

Made in Germany of course!

Just thought this was adorable!

Very large ashtray (Royal Bavaria) that I found very interesting.

I was so excited to find this old bow tie, it's the first one I have ever found!

Embroidered Pillowcases

Johnson Bros.

Watering Can from Woolworths

1980's Estee Lauder Nesting Duck Solid Perfume (this may be my best find of the day, I thought it was hideous and that usually means it's worth something - we shall see)

I also found these lovely ladies yesterday, it always makes me happy to find old patterns!

I did get quite a bit of stuff yesterday, if you want to see it all you can visit our Facebook page here.
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Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Wow such great finds! I didn't know they made a pocket Bens, love them! Love the Goebel set, so very cute!!
    hugs, Linda

  2. My faves are the chenille and the Johnson plate.....gorgeous !

  3. Love your finds-especially the chenille bedspread!!!

  4. Lots of great stuff--I'm partial to the Goebel and the pillowcases!

  5. There are some wonderful finds here!!

  6. Aw, such great finds! Love the Pyrex Friendship dish, looks like it's in great condition, and that bunny ceramic project is super cute. You're so right, if it's run by the family it makes a big difference on the prices.

  7. That Mattel mold is so creepy cool! What a neat find.

  8. Wow what a great haul! The Mattel mold brings back memories for me too, can't remember what it was called but my brother had one.

    Your blog header is very cute!

    I would like to invite you to my very first link up, it's live right now ~ it's a swap! I would love to have you come by and join in. ~Ann

    Tarnished Royalty

  9. The chenille bedspread is so pretty. I'll be keeping an eye on your Etsy store for it. :)