Sunday, June 30, 2013

Georgia Railroad

I've been so caught up with the cards and letters of Annie & Walt that I have neglected to post about the Railroad stash I picked up at the same sale. The person who's estate was being sold had worked for the railroad (possibly beginning in the 40's) and there was a ton of old RR stuff. I fell in love with a box of old train locks but they were way to expensive for me (they were gorgeous) and I had to pass on them but kept digging around and what do you know I ended up buying another box of old paper. Lots of vintage Georgia RR envelopes, tags, time records and other old papers filled the box that I dragged up to the checkout. I also found an old railroad sign in the garage (it will look good with one I already have if I decide to keep it).

So here are my Railroad Finds:

I think the tags and photos are my favorites!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Trip to the Library and Some Treasures

No junking for me this weekend. Not that I didn't want to go out and scour the town for junk but unfortunately the one sale I was dying to go to was located in Tennessee. A little far to travel for me. It was an estate sale of "Vintage Medical Items" and the pictures on were to die for. If you live in that area and went, please let me know what fabulousness I missed out on. So instead I decided to go see my brother at the library this morning and do a little research on Annie and Walter Poole. If you didn't see my post on the box of old letters and cards that I found last weekend at an estate sale, you can read about it here. The letters and cards belonged to the Poole's and I wanted to see who they were and if there was any family left here in town that might want these items back (I know I would). My trip to the library was very fruitful and I found out quite a bit about Annie and Walt this morning and even found some photographs of them. 

My Brother working the Reference Desk

 Here is the story on Walt:

Walter Scott Poole

Born: December 1881 in Wrens Ga (Jefferson County)
Married Annie Markwalter in 1924
No chidren
Worked for Standard Oil Company
Died November 30th 1944 
His Sister Carrie lived with Annie and Walt

Walter loved to hunt, I read quite a few letters from a niece that he had in Florida that talked about his love of hunting. He even sent a dog named "Pal' down to them (Florette and her Husband Emory). Don't you just love that name - Florette. 

Annie & Walter Poole

Here is the story on Annie:

Born in 1890
Married Walter Scott Poole in 1924
No Children
Never remarried after Walter's Death
Died in 1974

She also had a close relationship with her niece, I think maybe because they had no children of their own that she and Walter doted on Florette.

Since the Poole's had no children, I am not sure that I will be able to locate anyone here in town that may be related. I did find both of the photo's above on Ancestry.Com and I sent an E-mail to the person that posted them so hopefully I will hear something and be able to get some of these lovely items back to the family.

Once I was finished with my research, I visited with my brother for a few minutes. I picked up some old banjo strings for him (he's a musician) at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and had been holding onto them until I could get by to see him, so I took them with me so I could drop them off while I was there. He had a few treasures for me too! He had some old labels and a few old books he had been holding for me! Joy! Joy! Even though I didn't go junking I still came home with some treasures.

More Pic's on our Facebook!
Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Letters and Cards of Annie Poole

I dashed out of work on Thursday and Friday during my lunch break to hit up a couple of Estate Sales with the thought of just looking and not buying (mom and I are supposed to be on a junk diet). Well what can I say, I have no willpower! I spotted a box of old letters and cards and I knew I was going to cave. The envelopes were marked 1944 and the box was huge and after taking a peek in a couple of those envelopes I hauled the box up to the checkout and then loaded them in my car.

I couldn't wait to get home and dig through all that paper. The cards are in pretty good condition and do not have that stinky smell (thank goodness). As I went through them a sad little story revealed itself. Annie Markwalter married Walter Poole and they exchanged sweet little cards and signed them "Wifey" and "Hubby" or "Your Sweetheart" for years. They set up household on the Hill at 1522 Whitney Street. They seemed like a happy couple that loved each other dearly, however in 1944 around Christmas time Walter passed away. I do not believe that Annie ever remarried as the cards from the 1960's are still addressed to Mrs. Walter S. Poole or Annie Poole. Someone took great care with these lovely letters and cards so I can't imagine how they came to be in box at an Estate Sale (they were not related to the Poole's).

I am going to see if I can find out more about the Poole's and see if there is still family here in Augusta. They may want some of these lovely papers and I am also going to ride by 1522 Whitney Street to see where Annie and Walter started their life together.

So with all that said, here are a few of my favorite things that were in the box:

Lots of Christmas Cards - the first one has a place for a coin on the inside

 Happy New Year!

Love this little card!

Happy Easter! The nest on the little bird family card is made out of  real straw.

Happy Birthday!

Be my Valentine!

Happy Anniversary!

Sweet Postcards - signed 1911 C. Twelvetrees. They are absolutely adorable.

Some of the beautiful envelopes!

1937 Calendar

Another fabulous postcard

French Postcard!

Sympathy cards sent to Annie in 1944.

 A basket full of the life of Annie and Walter Poole.

This photo was in the box with all the cards and letters, wonder if one of these couples could be Annie and Walt.

I also bought some old railroad stuff that I will share in another post. There were hundreds of cards in the box I brought home and obviously I couldn't include them all here. I did post almost 300 pictures on our Facebook if you would like to take a peek. You can find them here.