Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Other Estate Sale

I was so busy swooning over my treasures from the "American Picker" sale that I didn't get to do a post about the other Estate Sale Mom and I went to last week (we actually went twice, on the first day and the last when everything goes 50% off). My favorite Estate Sale Ladies (Elaine & Brenda) were running this sale and it was was right around the corner from my house. I understand that the lady at one time was a dealer so I was expecting good things. Mom and I were second in line (remember that as it will be important later). When they opened the doors I raced to the toy room (I had seen the pic's online and spied a few things I was interested in) but was a little disappointed because they were priced a little more that I wanted to pay so I moved on and out into the garage where I found some fabulous stuff hiding in boxes and under tables. Here is a little bit of what I found in the garage while everyone else was running around inside:

A vintage four foot aluminum Christmas Tree (perfectly kept for all these years)

This is some kind of counter display I think, the bottom is chicken wire and something set in the little slots, I have no idea and couldn't find anything online about the company but I liked it and I am sure I will find a use for it.

A 1970 Annalee Santa and Reindeer and a 2004 Annalee Elf

A tin full of sewing notions and a few other goodies (the Glamour button card is my favorite). One of the thimbles is marked sterling.

A bottle brush wreath and the Christmas tin that was full of the sewing stuff

This lovely is marked Germany

I got the banjo strings for my brother (he will love them) and some zinc lids and a noise maker that my older son says he is going to use to get my younger son up and out of bed in the mornings for school (they are both in college and the younger does not like to get up),

I did eventually get back inside the house and found a couple of great buys:

This gorgeous suitcase (it's rather small but the inside is in incredible condition and it doesn't even have that stinky smell).

 A sweet little Thanksgiving postcard

 And here is the heartbreaking part of the story, I did not go into the jewelry room until last (there were hundreds and hundreds of pieces of jewelry and perfume bottles and compacts and I could go on and on) because I didn't really think I wanted to dig through all that jewelry (I was on a time limit and had to get to work) because it would take to much time. When I walked in I could have cried, there sitting on a dresser was a long neck mannequin counter display (I have wanted one all my life and have never seen one at a sale) with a SOLD sticker on it. If I had only gone in that room first, knowing I was second in line and first in line was a man and his son and I know they didn't buy it just made my stomach turn. It could have been mine. I am not gonna lie, I was pretty sick about it all day (it still hurts a little to think about it). Have you ever missed out on something you really really wanted. This Evening in Paris Talc bottle was my only buy out of the jewelry room.

 So that was our first trip to the Other Estate Sale. I will post later about our second trip!

I stayed in this weekend (because I bought so much last weekend) and I am working on my Etsy Listings and stuff to go to the booth. If you went out I hope you found wonderful things!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the mannequin. Keep going to estate sales, buy some stuff, sell it & save up for the mannequin online! You found some great things though, my favs - the aluminum tree & the American flag button.

  2. I LOVE the suitcase's gorgeous

  3. What a great selection of goodies! I just discovered Annalee dolls last year, they are too cute!

  4. I'm soooo jealous of your aluminum tree! I love vintage Christmas and it's one of the things I always dream of finding. The sewing stuff is also awesome and that suitcase is amazing! I think I need to make it out to estate sales more often.

    -Melissa @ Scavenger Hunt

  5. i'm so sorry to hear about the mannequin. i have had some heart break like that and i know what you mean. but you found some other great stuff! love all that christmas!

  6. How bloody mavellous the mear mention of the Christmas tree took me back to my childhood as my parents had does suck about the mannequin

  7. Just a little FYI, I just recently sold a Dresner train case on eBay for $86! I had never heard of the brand (found mine at a thrift store) and my research didn't turn up much as to it's value, so I thought I'd pass my experience on to you in case you were wondering about the value of yours. It's gorgeous by the way!

  8. The Annalee dolls and sewing notions are great.

  9. Great finds!!! Love the suit case!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  10. That pint sized little suit case is adorable! And the tree, oh how I love those trees!
    Oh, and I've woken up my brother with one of those tin toys before. I had to run away like a mad women, but it was totally worth it!

  11. Great finds. I haven't been to an estate sale yet. It's on my want-to-do list though:)

  12. SO much fun stuff ! :) Especially the suitcase!

  13. I got to one sale that had actually started early (hate that unless I am already there!) and saw a lady stacking boxes of vintage ornaments, tablecloths, and Pyrex on the checkout table for ridiculous prices ($1-$2 each). That put such a damper on my day that I skipped the rest of the sales on my list and went home. I was depressed all weekend.

    Luckily, I got over it:-)


  14. I would have been sick also about the jewelry stuff, I always go to the bedrooms first at estate sale

  15. So sorry about the mannequin, but you found some great stuff. Love the tree and the sewing stuff is awesome! I am so in the mood to go thrifting. I got a notice about a sale, but what's a girl to do when she's in Spain? lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.