Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Picks at the Picker Sale

So if you read my earlier post about the "American Picker" sale (if not you can read about it here) you may be wondering what I actually picked. The amount of stuff in the General Store was a little overwhelming and I am not sure that I even saw everything, but this quirky group of junk seemed to stand out to me:

Old Grain Sacks (these were only $1)

I love Letter and Numbers, so this was an exciting find. It's a vintage Kingsley embossing stamp set (actually I did a little bundling here and got three boxes for the price of one).

I do love vintage office supplies and these two old stamp holders are just beautiful (one was even full of old stamps). The base of the small one is just lovely.

I also have a thing for old garden sprinklers (I actually use them). So these were fabulous treasures to bring home. I am going to try the sprinkler to see if it works. It dates to around 1925.

I was hoping to find a local piece but the only thing I found related to Augusta (that I could afford) was an old postcard from 1945.

There were tons of old bottles but I only picked up one, I like the label on it (well what's left of it).

The last thing I added to my pile was an old magazine from 1929. This illustrations and photo's are gorgeous!


So here is it all together

 I will be keeping all of these wonderful things and hope to put them to good use for decorative purposes or for their intended purpose. Can't wait to try out the sprinkler!

                                               More pic's on our Facebook here.

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  1. What fun treasures! I would have bought all of them myself.

  2. AWESOME! I hope you bought one of the old 1/2 off of course! Nice treasures! I would have gone for sure!

  3. Glad you brought something home, bet it was fun!!

  4. Oh, I would be on cloud nine to find such marvelous finds. I love these! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on these special buys :)

  5. Love all the things you bought at the Picker's sale! Those office stamp holders are wonderful! I keep hoping to find one at a sale some day. Great treasures!


  6. Wow what bloody great picks I like them indeed

  7. Exceptional picks, Helen. I love the rubber stamp holders and the old garden sprinkler.

  8. Well done. Love the stamps especially. We opted not to go to this sale. I do not do well in crowds and felt it might have been over my price range anyhow.