Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peachtree 23 - The Adventure

Mom and I decided to do the Peachtree 23 Yard Sale this weekend. It runs about 44 miles through South Carolina and this was our second time going. We had a guest junker with us this week as my brother decided to go along for the ride (I'm sure he was cursing himself after the second stop - more on that in a minute).

At one of our first stops we ran into some old friends, a couple that we had gone to church with when I was a child, Mr. and Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Adams was my Sunday school teacher at one time and I just loved her (and still do). She is a beautiful soul. Anyway, we all chatted for a little bit and of course I had to take a few pictures of them.

It always seems like I find something big and heavy whenever my brother junks with us (hence the comment above).  Well I did not disappoint! Really it's his own fault though because he is the one that pointed it out to me! There in the center of an old dusty cinder block building was a really lovely old writing desk (with an inkwell - how cool is that) covered in dust, grime and creepy crawly yucky bug remains. Oh well, that certainly did not stop me from buying it and once again having my brother do some heavy lifting and loading into the back of the explorer (I did help).

My brother thinks it's a catalog desk from from around the 1920. I still need to do a little research on it though and will probably get a professional to restore it (I'm afraid I would mess it up), but Ain't she a beaut!

I have to say that I enjoyed looking at all the old beautiful homes along the way. I had all intentions of taking a gazillion pictures but that didn't happen however I did manage to get a few.

The thing I think I was most looking forward to after being out in the heat all day was the peach ice cream (my favorite) that I was going to get at the end of our day. The last time we went to the Peachtree 23 we stopped in one of the small towns and got a cup of the most delicious peach ice cream ever and I haven't forgotten about it since. Well guess what, they were all sold out when we finally got there! No peach ice cream for me (I had to settle for chocolate - my second favorite)!

It was a beautiful day to spend with some of my most favorite people in the world and we had a great time together! The sale was fun and I am sure we will be doing this one again!

I did pick up quite a few small treasures along the way and mom got something that I am green with envy over. I will share those in a separate post. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and spent it doing something that you love!

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  1. That desk looks huge! What a fabulous find. Your brother brings you good luck!

    I love peach ice cream, too. We have a local fair that serves hand churned ice cream as a fund raiser for the school's PTA. I always get peach if they have it. But chocolate isn't bad either. ;)

  2. I love the old desk - you are lucky to have seen it before I did! One thing i always love about this sale is the friendliness of of everyone along the way. At least you remembered to take pictures - I forgot!

  3. The desk is charming and does appear to be heavy. I buy heavy concrete old planters when my Joe is with me:}