Sunday, May 26, 2013

Community Yard Sale

Last weekend Mom and I attended a community yard sale which was held at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. I have attended this sale before (with much success) but Mom had not and we were both hoping for great things as we headed out that morning. As soon as we arrived and started our shopping the bottom fell out and I got soaked (Mom was still under the cover thank goodness) but the rain only lasted a few minutes (just enough get everything messy including me) so we continued on. There were a ton of people participating so there was plenty to look at. It was a good mix of stuff to include vintage. I brought home the following:

More Vintage Patterns

Some Paper Coasters, Old Toy Cast Iron Horses, Spools, and some Vintage Childrens Yard Tools

And some Creeping Jenny

When we left I asked Mom if she wanted to go back by the Estate Sale where I got all the Vintage Patterns the day before (see last week's post here) but she said she was ready to go home so I dropped her off and decided that I did want to go back by the Estate Sale (it was on my way home anyway). I'm glad I did because I had some luck and found a few more special things. Here is what I brought home from the Estate Sale:

Some Vintage Christmas

A sweet 1936 Sprats Dog Care Book
(I have a Beagle and could not pass this up)

A big box of 1950's and 1960's Maps

Little Heart Shaped box that goes with the Wedding Topper I bought the day before

Old Yale Lock from the 1940's

And these lovlies

 When I told Mom I went back by the sale she said "You went back without me". Next time when she's says no I think I will take that as a yes! It was a fun day and I wrapped up the weekend with the Red Headed Girls Dance Recital. If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of these please go. It was so much fun and I can't tell you how much beauty filled that room!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Such good finds and such beautiful girls! Their red hair is simply gorgeous as well and their smiles!

  2. You found some great vintage items! I love the Spratt's book. The beagle makes it!

    I bet the red headed girls dance recital was darling. I'm sure they looked like little princesses dancing their dreams.

  3. Love the maps...they seem to be hard to find down here, as its popular to use maps as part craft projects in this neck of the woods

  4. Wonderful treasures - love the children's garden tools.

  5. I'm dying over those maps, and there you have a Florida one. I am always on the look out for those and never find them. Then you also got that topper and that lock and so many other goodies. Just wow! What a fun time you must have had discovering all that.

  6. Great finds! I love them all.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  7. Love that corsage in the vintage Schrafft's box! And the maps are really, really cool!

  8. You found some more good stuff girl, I'm like your Mom you went without me

    I am bummed out, I haven't found a great yard sale this season so far, there is always another weekend, however I am having a big yard sale myself next month, I have tooooo much stuff in my house , it's to the real cluttered stage

  9. Hi there I came on over for a visit from someones blog I can't remember who I will blame that on hubby as he called me into the kitchen and by the time I got back I forgot who sent me..........I love yard sales the things we can find at them

  10. You again found some great items! Love that you found the box for the cake topper! The Red headed girl is adorable! Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF!