Sunday, May 19, 2013

Patterns & Buttons

Well I guess you could say my weekend had a pattern to it. Earlier in the week I was browsing the estate sale ads and I spotted some lovely vintage patterns and other old sewing notions. Oh how I wanted those patterns! I got up very early on the first day of the sale and rushed over hoping to be the first in line to get in. Of course that meant I had to wait forever until they actually opened the door but I passed the time chatting with a sweet older couple (they were so adorable). I am happy to say that I accomplished my mission and brought home some gorgeous vintage patterns and a ton of vintage buttons in every color, shape and size!

Once I secured my patterns (yes, I had to secure them as people were asking about them left and right) I went back to the sewing room and found a little cabinet filled with beautiful buttons.

I did find one other little treasure before I left, this little bit of vintage goodness was sitting on the dining room table mostly being ignored by everyone.

This Bride & Groom are just gorgeous, after some research I think this dates to the 1920's or 1930's. Look at the style of the dress. I'm glad no one else was paying any attention to them!

I only posted a small sample of the patterns and the buttons, so if you would like to see more visit our Facebook Page

Well that was my Friday haul and Saturday was just as good. Mom and I went to the Columbia County community yard sale. I think it's too much to include in this post, so hopefully I can get another post up on our Saturday finds later this afternoon.

Hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend and found lots of wonderful things!

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  1. I found buttons this weekend too!!

    You are the second person that I've read about this weekend that found a cake topper! Nice!

  2. Those patterns are amazing! So glad you got them and all those gorgeous buttons too! Now I'm in love with that Bride and Groom topper! Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF this week!


  3. That looks like such a great sale! I love old patterns, people were so fancy back then.
    And that cake topper is lovely! It's great that it went to someone who can appreciate it instead of ending up chipped in a thrift store somewhere.