Saturday, August 11, 2018

Estate Sale Finds

Mom and I had a little outing yesterday morning. We showed up really early to an estate sale so we could be at the front of the line (I think we ended up being about 5th). Lucky for me, the lady in front of us had been in the house before and knew exactly where the room was that I wanted to go to first. Unlucky for me we stood in line for over an hour and the lady in front of us talked non stop about herself and how wonderful she was - Mom and I just smiled and nodded out heads because we could hardly get a word in. Oh well, gotta take the good with the bad.

We ended up coming home with quite the haul. My favorites are the Gibson Table Number Cards, the Metal Base Kewpie and the Celluloid Uncle Sam.

The Gibson Cards in Original Box and the Cards are in perfect Condition.

A lot of Frozen Charlottes.

Tiny Pin Cushion marked Germany.

Odds and Ends - a gold filled baby ring, lapel/tie pins, button hooks.

Chalkware whisk broom.

Chippy Boudoir Doll/Pin Cushion.

Celluloid Uncle Sam - I think these are hard to come by.

Three Lovely Ladies!

Lot of Half Dolls.

I didn't really like her but I took all her friends so I couldn't leave her behind.

Half Doll Boudoir Doll with pockets for powder puffs.

Another Boudoir Doll.

Nancy Ann Nun.

She is really chippy but she is still beautiful to me. 

1950's German Felt Big Bad Wolf.

Lot of small dolls.

Brainerd & Armstrong Thread.

Glitter Christmas Trees.

Small China Doll.

Pastry Cutters, one is shapes the other is the Alphabet.

Old Hair Comb.

Irwin Kewpie.

Harrison Fischer Wedding Postcards in Frame. My youngest son is getting married next month and I couldn't resist this.

Cute Vintage child's shoes.

Kokeshi Doll from Japan and two wooden Dolls made in Finland.

This guy is so cute! He is some kind of metal. I was thinking a lamp base but there is not a hole in his head. So I am not sure what he would have been a part of. It's a mystery to me but he was just too adorable to leave behind.

It was a fun sale and we were really happy with our purchases. 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Estate Sales

I haven't bought much since the Peachtree 23 Yard Sale. There just haven't been that many sales happening around here lately that have my kind of stuff. I did manage to hit a few and here are some of the things I picked up:

My brother and I road out to a sale in Warrenton GA the week of July 4th, not much but I do love the pin up Calendars and also picked up a trunk of old doll clothes marked 1920's. I think the clothes might be 1930's though and look to be made from feed sack material. I love the little red sun suit.

I picked up this sweet little Christmas card box (filled with some little treasures) at a dealer going out of business sale.

I stopped at 2 estate sales yesterday and didn't find much. I came hope with mostly books and paper.

Really hoping we get a good junky sale around here soon!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!