Sunday, July 20, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

There was no shortage of estate sales in Augusta this weekend. I ended up going to one on Thursday morning where you just made a big pile and they gave you a price. I got there a little late and probably missed out on the best stuff but I did end up getting a few good pieces for a very good price. Here are a few of the things that I got at the Thursday sale:

I just really liked this piece and after doing a little research I think it was a really good buy.

I seem to be on a streak with these Angels, I have found several over the past month.

More Swizzle Sticks for my collection!

Really lovely coat in great condition.

I love this old photo, looks like the dog and cat are about to get into a fight!

My brother came over on Friday morning (Mom was unable to join us) and we hit three sales. I was happy to find a lot of vintage holiday stuff. Here are some of the things I bought at the three Friday sales:

Really love this vintage Swiss Dot fabric!

I think I am having buyers remorse on this purchase, but it is really a neat piece. It even come with two boxes of Sparklets refills.

Now if only I can find the shot glasses for this piece!

A vintage blinking tree topper and a box of old ornaments.

I normally don't buy a lot of hankies but this Christmas one was in perfect condition and it's really beautiful!

A vintage box of taper candles.

Angel head picks.

A box of vintage Easter floral picks.

More hankies, again in perfect condition and just too pretty to pass up.

Gurley Turkeys.

These glasses need a little cleaning, but I really like them. Have no idea who the maker is.

Sweet little trio!

I bought the doll for the clothes, unfortunately the doll's head was not salvageable, I did save the body and the eyes to list on Etsy. I can't tell you how gross it was to cut the eyes out of that nasty doll head.

This may have been my favorite find of the day, a honeycomb Santa!

Hope you had a fun weekend of junking and found lots of fabulous things!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Name Your Poison - The Estate Sale of Dr. Clyde Burgamy

When I saw the ad for the estate sale of Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Burgamy I knew that Mom and I would have to go to this sale. I worked at Doctors Hospital here in Augusta many years ago and knew both Dr. Burgamy and his wife. I can remember the smell of Dr. Burgamy's pipe lingering in the hallways and elevators of the hospital (yes in those days you could smoke inside the hospital). I did spot something in the online photos that I was going to make a beeline for in hopes that I got to it first. As soon as we stepped in the door I asked the estate sale lady where the bar was and she pointed to the left and off I went. I did get to them first and quickly wrapped them up and put them in my bag. There were several people right on my heels! If I had gotten to them a minute later they would have been gone! So here they are:

Cora Name Your Poison Glasses (complete set of 6)

I just can't tell you how fabulous these glasses are!

I also got a complete set of Georges Briard Frosted Crane Glasses.

Dr. Burgamy was an OB/GYN so I was happy to find some Storks, I think these would make great centerpieces for a Baby Shower.

I was delighted to find a ton of boys rompers from the 1940s, 1950s and some very vintage LaCoste childrens sweaters.

I also found this little vintage Christmas Angel (she needs a little cleaning but no cracks or chips).

We did hit a couple of other estate sales and I got a few other things, I couldn't believe that these vintage Christmas napkin rings were still sitting at the second sale we went to because we didn't get there until around noon.

I loved this chippy dresser tray and tin (also got a few pieces of jewelry, the basketball charm is engraved 1957).

I was very happy with my haul this week! I guess I will be spending the weekend cleaning all the vintage rompers so I can get them listed.

Hope you are very happy with your haul this weekend too!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Evans Estate Sales

The estate sales this weekend did not provide as much junk as last weekend but I did get a few things. There were two estate sales pretty close to where I live so I hopped in the car on Friday morning and headed over. The first sale didn't have that much of my kind of stuff but I did find a handful of small things to bring home. The second sale had a lot of really beautiful pieces but most were more than I wanted to pay. I went through the house a couple of times and searched out the really inexpensive items and ended up filling up my tote bag.
Here are a few items from both sales:

I always pick up these kind of jars, they are great for storage.

This toaster cover was just too cute not to bring home, I love the fabric. 

Love these little Halloween Owls!

This little Christmas Angel was really cute. 

More old Jewelry Boxes, I love the wooden one, I have never seen one like it before.

Isn't this the cutest soap dish you have ever seen!

Really cute little candle adhesive tins

Paper Doilies

Love the color on this water bottle, usually I find red.


My favorite find of the weekend are these little aprons for your dish washing soap bottle, the fabric is just beautiful.

Hope you found wonderful things this weekend!

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