Friday, May 30, 2014

Crenshaw Estate Sale

What a fun junking week we've had. Mom and I hit a sale on Thursday and I am really excited about the junk I bought. I actually knew the people that lived in the house. They were my brother in law's Aunt and Uncle. I didn't know them that well but I knew that there would be some interesting stuff there and I was not disappointed. We went through the house pretty quick (there really wasn't much in there) and then headed out to the workshop where I found most of my treasure.

I was immediately drawn to this sign. It used to hang at a pond that belonged to the Crenshaws. I also think that my Daddy may have painted it. Most hand painted signs around Augusta from the late 1950s through the 1980s were most likely painted by my Daddy. I am trying to confirm this with the family but haven't been able to yet. My Mom said it looked like his work. Either way it's a great sign.

On about my third trip through the workshop I spied this under the table and just had to have it (I think Mom rolled her eyes but I think she was happy I found something that I got so excited about). It's a vintage Lily-Tulip Cup Dispenser and a box of 5000 (yes 5000!) unopened cone cups. Clearly nobody else was interested in them or they got overlooked since they were stuck under a table (I always look under the tables).

I thought these were funny things to find in a workshop but hey I ain't complaining. I LOVE THEM!
Three Vintage Party Top Hats!

I found these next two items out in the garage, they also were passed over by others. I love the cards and what do you know - a box of glass swizzle sticks. I may not keep these as I am not really into sea shell stuff, they just don't go with the ones I already have.

Of course that's not all of my haul, I am still going through it.  Oh yeah, I did get this cool hat for my brother but unfortunately his head is to big for it. My nephew wants to try it on so I am holding it to see if he can wear it. I love vintage hats on men! Wish more men would wear them.

Well that's it for now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vintage Dixie cups

I bought 5000 of these today and the dispenser!

5000 cups, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Giveaway - Linens, Buttons and Postcards

I really do love blogging and I very much appreciate those who follow our Blog as well as those who like our Facebook Page. It is nice to have friends out there that love the junking experience as much as I do. I also am in awe of some of you who create beautiful things from the junk you find. I thought in appreciation of all you wonderful inspiring people that I would put together a little giveaway.

Included in this giveaway are the following:

Two German Postcards
One 1950s Modern Student Tablet from Stamps-Baxter Music
One Small Round Rhinestone buckle 
Four Vintage Pink Buttons
Five Vintage Large Green Buttons
One Vintage Rhinestone Button
Two Vintage Small Metal Buttons
Two Lovely Vintage Yellow Embroidered Guest Towels with Lace Trim

If you want in on this, just leave a comment. It would also be nice if you were a follower of our Blog and Facebook Page, but you don't have to be to win.

Winner will be announced next Wednesday!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vintage Children's Hankies

So the really special thing that I picked up on Friday that was not included in the earlier post about my weekend finds was this delightful box of vintage children's hankies. They were in horrible condition, very dirty and spotty so I asked the lady at the antique store if she would go down on the price since they were in such poor shape and she did. I was crossing my fingers that I could get them cleaned up. I was able to get them very white and clean but could not get the rust spots out from the pins that were holding them in the box for the past 65 years. They still look awesome! The box that they came in has little clown graphics that move (I thought this was so cool and it still works perfectly).

Here is what they looked like before:

Pretty Dirty Right! Here they are after soaking for a very long time.

The box that they came in was marked 1949 and was sold at Sears.

Such an adorable piece! I don't necessarily pass over linens just because they have stains, most can be cleaned (although rust is a tough one). Even if you can't get the stains out, sometimes parts of the linen can be saved and used in craft projects. 

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vintage Party Supplies

I guess my junking day yesterday was both good and bad. I will start with the bad:
  1. Mom had some stuff to do and couldn't go out junking with me
  2. It was HOT outside
  3. No good Junky Estate Sales going on (at least not the kind I like to go to)
  4. Catholic Social Services was closed due to Memorial Day Weekend (and I usually find great stuff there)
  5. I found a bag of about 10 vintage patterns (the really old ones) for $10 and immediately snatched them up and took them up to the checkout at a local antique store and told the lady to hold them while I shopped some more. When I had finished shopping and went to check out, she had sold them to someone else!!!! I was not happy! She let me dig through a big bin of patterns she had in the back but they were all damaged and newer than the ones I like to buy. So that put a big damper on the rest of my day. I'm still mad about it.
Now for the good:
  1. I found 3 antique collecting books and 1 old book with great graphics in the FREE bin at 2nd and Charles
  2. I got to visit with some junker friends while shopping in the Antique Stores
  3. I went to the library and checked out some books and got to visit with my brother
  4. I found a ton of vintage party supplies 
  5. I got some new vintage cocktail napkins for my collection
  6. I found something really cool that I will share later (I am still in the process of cleaning it)
So here are the party supplies I picked up:

Here are the cocktail napkins, bonus they are Vera

I stayed in today, I had a lot of packages to get ready to mail. My Esty shop has been busy lately. I did actually list my first item ever on Ebay this week. I am anxious to see how it does. I really think I prefer Etsy over Ebay but sometimes if you really don't know the value of something and there is nothing else out there to compare it to Ebay may be the better choice. Do any of you do Ebay? I could use some pointers as I am planning on listing a couple of more things.

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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