Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Peach Farm

Mom and I made a trip out to Trenton SC to pick a Peach Farm this weekend. I was hoping for a big pile of junk to dig through but that just was not the case. However there were two closets full of vintage clothing from the 1950's and I ended up buying several pieces that I thought could be restored to their former beauty. The pieces I purchased included a ton of Lady Lynne nightgowns, three dresses, a polka dot blouse and a wool suit that all looked salvageable. I cleaned the nightgowns and they turned out very nice. Some of them are baby doll style pajamas with bloomers (I just adore these). I dropped the dresses and suit off at the dry cleaners and am crossing my fingers that they will come back to me in pristine condition. I also got a few smalls and an old galvanized peach picking bucket with the strap still on it. Mom found some sweet old polish folk art dolls. We had fun even though it was not the junky kind of sale we were hoping for.

Here are the nightgowns, I didn't take photos of the dresses and suit yet (I will when I get them back from the dry cleaners)

Here are the smalls and Mom's folk art dolls (a 1940's Statue of Liberty Souvenir Enamel Pin, a Great Dane Trucking Sterling and enamel 5 year service pin, an opal stick pin, a sterling baby bracelet, and a Kesslers Whiskey Key Chain)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and rescued lots of vintage!

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  1. Great finds! I do love old nightgowns, even though I would never wear one. I'm more of a tshirt and sweats/leggings/shorts kinda gal :)

  2. The Kesslers Whiskey Key Chain is amazing. Did you offer it for sale? I checked your shop, but don't see it listed.

  3. Oh such pretty things, old things are was going to say me but that I realised I'm not old

  4. I attended a graduation and hit a few thrift shops but prices were sky high and nothing really spoke to me. You pick up some treasures, good for you.