Friday, May 30, 2014

Crenshaw Estate Sale

What a fun junking week we've had. Mom and I hit a sale on Thursday and I am really excited about the junk I bought. I actually knew the people that lived in the house. They were my brother in law's Aunt and Uncle. I didn't know them that well but I knew that there would be some interesting stuff there and I was not disappointed. We went through the house pretty quick (there really wasn't much in there) and then headed out to the workshop where I found most of my treasure.

I was immediately drawn to this sign. It used to hang at a pond that belonged to the Crenshaws. I also think that my Daddy may have painted it. Most hand painted signs around Augusta from the late 1950s through the 1980s were most likely painted by my Daddy. I am trying to confirm this with the family but haven't been able to yet. My Mom said it looked like his work. Either way it's a great sign.

On about my third trip through the workshop I spied this under the table and just had to have it (I think Mom rolled her eyes but I think she was happy I found something that I got so excited about). It's a vintage Lily-Tulip Cup Dispenser and a box of 5000 (yes 5000!) unopened cone cups. Clearly nobody else was interested in them or they got overlooked since they were stuck under a table (I always look under the tables).

I thought these were funny things to find in a workshop but hey I ain't complaining. I LOVE THEM!
Three Vintage Party Top Hats!

I found these next two items out in the garage, they also were passed over by others. I love the cards and what do you know - a box of glass swizzle sticks. I may not keep these as I am not really into sea shell stuff, they just don't go with the ones I already have.

Of course that's not all of my haul, I am still going through it.  Oh yeah, I did get this cool hat for my brother but unfortunately his head is to big for it. My nephew wants to try it on so I am holding it to see if he can wear it. I love vintage hats on men! Wish more men would wear them.

Well that's it for now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. You have a knack for finding your swizzle sticks! I rarely see them around here. I do adore the paper cones and the playing cards are adorable. I don't have anything like those in my collection.

  2. Lily-Tulip! I remember going on several field trips there and getting a small sleeve of tiny cups. The cones were usually in dispensers by water fountains. My father used them in metal holders in his soda fountain. What cool finds!

  3. My father was a sign painter so I hope you get confirmation that he did indeed paint it. Wow to the Reddy Kilowatt playing cards. I remember Barry on Storage Wars found a Reddy Kilowatt light bulb. Of course, I love, love, love the paper cups:))

  4. Some really great finds, I like the Ponderosa sign and it would be cool if your dad was the one who painted it

  5. That sign is indeed, amazing. I need to schedule more estate sales!

  6. Wonderful sign and that would be so fabulous if it is one your dad painted! You must let us know what you find out. I love the cups and the fedora is a great find too! Kilowatts is super fun! Thanks for sharing with SYC.