Friday, May 9, 2014

Swizzle Sticks

Well Mom just didn't have time for me today. No junking for her as she has been super busy getting all her jewelry ready for the Art in the Park Show tomorrow. So I dragged my son out with me (I would have gone alone but the sale was way out in the boondocks). It actually turned out that I knew the person who had lived at this house. I worked with her many years ago. It was kind of strange digging through her stuff. I actually will probably keep a lot of the stuff I bought today so that kind of made me feel okay about it. Clearly my former colleague enjoyed cocktails and cards. I didn't buy any cards but I did buy a few cocktail related items (I collect vintage bar items). I picked up a whole basket of plastic swizzle sticks and my son found some glass ones down in the basement. They are really retro - I just love them.

Here are the glass ones - they have tiny records dangling from them, most of the labels of the records have worn off but I still love them.

And here are some of the plastic ones, I'll let you guess which plastic ones are my favorite!

I do believe all of these will go in my vintage cocktail collection! They are just so fun. I bought a lot more fun stuff including a beautiful Lucite clock. You can go here if you want to see all the junk I bought today.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend and finds lots of good junk!

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  1. You found some really neat ones!

  2. I love those swizzle sticks! I have never seen ones with little records dangling on them but they are cute!! Great finds! Happy Mother's Day. Hugs, Dianne

  3. You know there was a time not that long ago I had no idea what a swizzle stick was............these ones are super cute

  4. Some of those swizzle sticks are FABULOUS. I am especially loving the ones with records.

  5. I never knew there was swizzle stick collectors until last week when a friend offered me hers. I have gotten interested in these tiny pieces of vintage art. Plus I love anything with hotel or business names on them.

  6. Those glass swizzle sticks are adorable. Nice addition for your collection.