Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peachtree 23 - The Finds

I posted earlier about our Peachtree 23 yard sale trip, you can read all about it here and see the fabulous antique writing desk I scored (I love the Desk - it has an inkwell!).

The desk was a large purchase for me but I also picked up a bunch of small treasures. Here are some of the things I brought home (warning lots of pic's):

Old Pictures

The fashion drew me to this one. The girl in the hat looks beautiful and this must be a three generation photo (too bad the dog was not looking at the camera)!

Again the Fashion, I love the outfit the girl in the center is wearing! 

This one was just adorable!

And this one reminds me of my childhood, my grandparents had a chicken yard and we used to help feed the chickens.

Old Children's Books


Other Odds and Ends

These will be great to use for displays when I start my Christmas Decorating

These are going straight to my sewing room!


Always have to bring home some Jewels

Some Salt & Peppy's

 I got these for my boys (they both play guitar)

Old Rusty Lock

I don't know about this one, he was just so darn cute!

Loved these prints


I have a bunch of felt hats, so who knows!

Old Windows

Mom's Treasure

Mom did buy one thing that I am green with envy over, it's a very old boiler (maybe used in canning). I think she had the find of the day!

Next week we are planning on going to a collector's sale, the collector was featured on American Picker's in 2010. Here is a article that was in the local paper this week.

American Pickers' collector's estate sale set for June

I am sure it will all be out of our price range but it will be fun just to look. Who knows we might get lucky and find something without breaking the bank.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

More pic's on our Facebook.  

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  1. All of these are fun finds - love the photos and the books. Your mother's boiler is wonderful. I am looking forward to the collector's sale - hope there is some little thing about North Augusta that is affordable.

  2. Love the desk you found! It is a beauty! You also found some really fun smalls. Love the old books and photos! I've never been on that sale but have done the Worlds Longest Yard Sale a few times.

  3. What a sweet Humpty Dumpty!!

    I can imagine there will be some characters at the estate sale, have fun!!

  4. Hi, Your finds are wonderful. I love the B&W pics. The boiler is a great score. I went to the sale with Donna from the above comment. I just put up a post too. I think the Augusta Concrete sale may be out of my league too. olive

  5. I love old things and old photos so I loved this post thank you for giving me a lift this morning

  6. Those photos are so cool! The outfits totally make them unique. Everyone looked so dapper and fancy back in the day. Sometimes I think we should go back to that, then other times I'm happy for elastic waist bands!

  7. Fun finds. Love the copper boiler. The collectors sale will surely be a fun one. I'm sure you are looking forward to that one.


  8. Oh sure did find some wonderful treasures at this sale.