Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage Aprons

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons - who doesn't love them. I have a small collection of vintage aprons and I adore them because most are hand made and the old fabrics that were used are just so beautiful. They are often embellished with ric-rac or lace and that just adds to their charm. Here are a few of my aprons:

I have my aprons displayed in my kitchen on little rack I found at the antique mall several years ago. I fell in love with this little rack the moment I saw it. Mom liked it too, she said she wished we had one for the our booth (what are the chances of ever finding another one).

I guess the chances of finding another one were pretty good after all! You can imagine my delight when mom and I went to a Church sale yesterday and found the exact twin to my rack. We were so excited that we took it straight to the booth! It is a fabulous display piece.  I also bought about 150 patterns for $3. I bet you can guess what I found when digging through all those patterns.

I also found this sweet vintage fabric

and I found two frames that will be great for a project I saw on Pinterest

It will have to be painted of course!

Hope you all found what you were looking for this weekend and please visit our Facebook page here for more photos (we would love it if you would "like us").


  1. You and your mom are VERY LUCKY to find the twin to your little rack! Love your aprons, the apron pattern and that sweet vintage fabric!

  2. Love your apron collection and that rack is perfect for displaying your linens. So nice you found another rack for your booth. It was meant to be.


  3. I love your apron collection. It takes me back to my childhood when women all wore aprons. Maybe that was because laundry day was a bigger job and everything had to be ironed. We would all be protecting our clothes with aprons if we had wringer washers, clotheslines and had to IRON EVERYTHING. I do like to wear them, especially when I have company and am wearing nicer clothes. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  4. Loved seeing your apron collection! There is something charming about aprons, especially hand-made ones. I know I cherish the aprons handed down to me by the women in my family.

    That display rack is wonderful! I am so amazed that y'all found a twin to yours. Luck of the Irish must have been with you both!

  5. You always find the best stuff.

  6. So cute! I love the blue and yellow one most. :)

  7. That is such a cool rack! Lucky you!

  8. How wonderful! Congrats on finding another rack! I love the aprons too. So many memlries tied up in an apron. Can still see my great grandma waiting at the door of her farmhouse wearing one.

  9. You have an amazing collection of vintage aprons! I love how you have them folded on the rack with the vintage linens. I too collect vintage aprons and did a recent blog post on them. ;0 They're a wonderful thing to collect!

  10. Beautiful aprons! You have a great collection!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the frames.