Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage Cake Topper, Love Letters and a Monkey

I found this little lovely today! A sweet little vintage Wedding Cake Topper. I dashed over to the Catholic Social Services at lunch to see if I could find anything unique and fabulous (I had not been there in quite a while and hoped that there would be some new junk for me to dig through). I was pretty disappointed after roaming through most of the building and coming up empty handed, but as I entered the very last room (they have rooms at the CSS, it's not one big open area) I spotted this handsome couple and my disappointment turned to pure joy!

 I love his white jacket and little bow tie!

I used some framed love letters written by my Father as the background for the photos. He was such a romantic! I found these sweet notes in a box in my grandmother's shed after she passed away. She had saved them for many years.

 So happy to have them hanging in a spot where I can see them everyday! 

As far as the monkey goes, I used Pic Monkey to edit the photo's. It's a free site where you can edit your photos. Has anyone else used it? Just wondering what your thoughts are on it if you have.

Hope to have a great day junking tomorrow and wishing all of you the same!


  1. Hi Verna! Thanks for the Monkey Pic tip-its looks great xx

  2. I love this story Meg, the vintage wedding cake topper and especially your framed Father's love letters I think thats a wonderful idea!