Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hanky Panky

I don't know what the weather was like for you this weekend but it has been a rainy one here. Even more gloomy is the fact that there have not been any good sales in two weeks. In spite of the weather and the lack of sales, mom and I decided to get out on Saturday and see what we could find at the thrift stores. A few months ago we discovered a great little thrift store over in North Augusta. I have only been once but mom has been over there several times and has started to form a friendship with the lady that owns the store. On Friday mom had gone over and the owner had let her dig through boxes of goodies that were still boxed up and had not been put out yet. I must say mom found some treasures. Mom told the owner we would be back on Saturday. This is where we found most of our haul for the weekend. I found some unique jewelry and some great vintage floral hankies. I don't usually buy a lot of hankies because they don't really sell very well here. These were so pretty though that I decided I would just add them to my personal collection. Here are the items I came home with:

Let me back up to for a minute, on Friday while I was at work my mother was out at the thrift shops. She called me at work around lunch time and said that she was at the Catholic Social Services and had found a child sized mannequin (I have been searching for one forever) and wanted to know if I wanted it. Now this particular thrift store is about 5 minutes from my work so I asked her to guard it until I could get there. I jumped in the car and headed that way. I found mom inside carrying around the mannequin (I thought she would have just put it up front, I didn't mean for her to carry it around). It is not vintage but it is the right size (3/4) to be of help with my sewing for the red headed girls. I was very excited and of course I brought the mannequin home with me and have already named her "Hilda".

I also picked up a few glass jars for button storage.

 Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and found many treasures.

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  1. Wow you found some wonderful goodies! I love Hilda too.


  2. Your floral handkerchiefs are fabulous, and Hilda is a great find. I keep looking and hoping I will find a mannequin. What a treat your mother had, to be the first digging in boxes, and unearthing treasure, good for her.

  3. You guys sure found some great stuff this weekend. I have a hard time passing up floral vintage hankies. I need to do something with mine so they get out of the dark drawer. The mannequin is a wonderful score. It looks like a very nicely made one too. How nice you can leave work and run an "errand" LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You must have a lot of buttons to store.

  5. I recently picked up some vintage buttons. I put them in with my own, but I'm going to fish them out and put them in a jar, I have some nice new shelves to display them. Congrats on acquiring Hilda!