Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Wonderful Wednesday

I'm not going to lie, I've had a pretty crappy week. Not much joy in it at all. I would have to say that Wednesday was the bright spot in this otherwise miserable week. There was a sale around the corner from my work and Mom was going to go check it out and let me know if it was worth me running over on my lunch break. When she called and gave the thumbs up I dashed over as soon as I could. I only had a short time to go through the whole house but was very pleased with the items I purchased. 

In the bedroom I found this 1904 Reliance Postal Scale. Even though it is missing the ink wells and one drawer I still wanted it. It charmed it's way into my bag.


This little jewel was hanging on the wall and I love it! It is a Charles Blondin signed and numbered etching/lithograph (not sure which yet but I am leaning towards etching). Charles Blondin was a 20th Century Impressionist painter who was active in Paris. It is of a lovely Paris Street scene and will go in my bedroom once I have done something with the hideous frame.

But the best find was in the Dining Room. I really like to find unusual things and when I laid eyes on these I knew they were something special. They are Bimini Art Deco Nude Cocktail glasses. Bimini glass was founded in Austria in 1923 by Fritz Lampl. I didn't know any of this when I bought them but my instinct told me they were going to be a fabulous treasure!


Here are a few other things I picked up:

Something to hang my unmentionables on. I don't know why but I had to have it.

I have never come across frogs shaped like this

Isn't this a great old photo (I love the guy with the mustache)

Original Pen & Ink

Tin Soldiers book plate

And this sweet hook

I feel the need to say that the Lord has blessed me with so much that I feel guilty saying that I had a crappy week. There is always something to be thankful for and always something to find joy in, hoping next week is better and if it is not that I don't let it affect my joy!

Hoping there was much joy in your week!

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  1. You made some pretty awesome finds. The glasses are similar to a set I had years ago. I sold mine for a very good price. Treasure them.

  2. Great finds ... Love the wire hanger unit and the postal scale is a real treasure.
    Audrey Z,

  3. The cocktail glasses are so unusual. It's wonderful how finding these treasures can help lift your spirits.

  4. Oh my gosh what amazing finds! I want all of it! Looove the cocktail ladies, and I don't drink cocktails!

  5. Nice finds! My fav... the undie dryer.

  6. The cocktail glasses are just amazing!! What a wonderful find!

    And, the band photo is just priceless! :)

  7. The deco nude glasses, looove them! Just gorgeous. Hope your weeks look up from here!

  8. Finds like that must would definitely be a bright spot in any week! The glasses are amazing. Hope this week is turning out to be a better one!

  9. The glasses are a fun find. I never saw frogs shaped like that either.

  10. I would have snapped up the print too (ugly frame and all - that is a quick fix).

    Popped in from Jann's SYCT.

  11. We all have bad days now and then. It's okay to moan a little. It helps us vent. Doesn't mean you're not thankful or blessed. Glad you found this fun sale to cheer you up. My favorites are the postal scale, the wire hanger, and the band photo. Not a drinker, but the glasses are very unique. Thanks for sharing with SYC.