Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Christmas Decorating

It's been a nice relaxing weekend. I so enjoy this time of the year when I can enjoy my Christmas decor. I love the way the Christmas lights give off a special glow in the evenings and how the house smells of lovely holiday candles and Christmas baking! I especially enjoy the decor in my Dining Room and shared my little vintage bar cart all dressed up in Vintage Christmas last week. This week I thought I would share a little more of my Dining Room.

I am really excited with the look of my buffet. I try to add a few new things each year. I actually recycled the acorn branch tree I made for Thanksgiving by adding a few old ornaments and giving it a little more of a Christmassy feel.

Here is the whole buffet, I left my vintage seed box where it was (I removed everything else that was on the buffet) and I like the way it elevates some of the decorations.


  1. Your buffet looks wonderfully festive! I really like the seasonal change to the acorn branch tree; the tonal ornaments give it a nice sparkle. Lovely!

  2. How gorgeous does your buffet look Verna xx