Sunday, October 12, 2014

German Wendt & Kuhn Nativity Pieces

In my junking travels on Friday, I picked up this bag that had a bunch of wooden nativity pieces. I did not recognize the label on the bottom but it was stamped Germany and I really liked the pieces so I bought the bag for $4. Once I got home and had a minute to research them it turns out they are Wendt and Kuhn German pieces and I think they are very collectible. I have been unable to find out too much about them at this point. I emailed the lady at The WeatherVane (she sells Wendt and Kuhn Figures) and she is going to check with her contact at Wendt and Kuhn to see if they can date them. The Wendt and Kuhn angels are supposed to have 11 dots on their wings but the ones I bought have more than 11 dots. All the pieces are stamped and have the original paper label on the bottom. I am really curious to see what the Wendt and Kuhn people say. I included them in my earlier post but took a few more photos I thought I would share.

Some of the pieces are broken but still very adorable. If you have any information you can share on these I would greatly appreciate it. I have not been able to find any like these on the internet.

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  1. Those are quite charming! I think we had a set of those back in the 1960's. Thanks for linking up your finds at Make It Monday!

  2. Love those angels. I collect solo Baby Jesus. Hope they turn out to be the real thing.

  3. These are beautiful. I love Wendt and Kuhn, and was lucky to score a Madonna about a year ago (missing the baby angel in her arms) for $5! Found out that it sells for over $200. I bought the baby angel to go in her arms, and that was $35 alone! They are VERY collectible, and so charming!