Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yard Sales on a Cold Saturday Morning

I was up really early today getting ready to head out to some yard sales when my son says to me "who wants to go out this early in the morning when it's so cold outside". Well "duh" - I do! Okay I really wanted to stay in my warm bed but the junk was calling me. My first stop was probably the best one of the day. I got some really cool vintage Christmas. I bought 3 spaghetti Santa's and realized once I got them home that they all have issues. That's okay, they will still look wonderful mixed in with all my other vintage Christmas collection. I was really excited to find a Harold Gale Santa (at least I think it's a Harold Gale). I think the most charming piece I found was a little celluloid kissing Mr. and Mrs. Santa sitting on a swing surrounded by mistletoe. It's is just the sweetest little thing!

A few more vintage Christmas pieces.

Adorable Dogs (made in Japan).

This piece of pottery reminded me of a piece I have at home (not old but very interesting).

After leaving the yard sale I headed over to a Church Sale, I did run into my two sisters but did not find a whole lot there. I loved the Bee mirrored tray though! Lovely sterling etched glass bud vase, some Christmas place card holders, cocktail napkins and an artist easel. I have two nieces who are majoring in Art and thought one of them might like it.

Next on my list was an Estate Sale, pretty picked over and I was really digging to find anything! I walked away with a very pretty apron, a little celluloid box, some patterns, swizzle sticks, a honey dipper and large stash of old large envelopes (I think they are 11x14).

My last stop before heading home was the craft show where Mom had rented a space to sell her jewelry. I did buy a couple of ornaments made from book pages. I might try to make some of these and use some of my vintage Christmas images on them.

It was a fun morning even if it I was up early and out in the cold! Now that I am home I think I might curl up on the couch and take a nap.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. The Santa is pretty interesting! I always enjoy seeing your finds.


  2. You are a mighty hunter! I went to get the paper and decided to forgo the sales. I went back to bed to read. Love all the vintage Christmas items.

  3. I understand the "need" to get out and find a treasure or 2!!! Pretty apron and cool bee tray.

  4. Oh I like the look of those Christmas finds.................very nice