Saturday, June 6, 2015

Estate Sale Finds

It's been a slow couple of weeks in estate sale land for me, lots of sales but just not my kind of stuff. I was really itching to go to the Peachtree 23 longest yard sale today but Mom did not feel like going and I didn't want to go by myself. I tell you I am really in need of a junk fix. Here are my slim pickings for the past two weeks:

I did find some really cute vintage girls clothing in excellent condition, usually I do not find them in this kind of shape. I was glad not to have to soak and clean them. They just require a light pressing and they are ready to go to our Etsy shop.

Vintage purses seemed to be a theme for me on my last couple of picks, a beautiful crochet purse and two beaded purses (made in France and Belgium). The two beaded purses are in pretty bad shape but they were just too lovely and dainty not to take home. They cost me a whole $2, they will go on my misfit shelf for display.

I think she is a dashboard Madonna, not sure really. Found at the Catholic Social Services.

I love old band-aid tins, did you ever notice they are almost always filled with old nails?

A glass drawer pull. You never know when you might need one.

1870's Ready Reckoner Book.

A very lovely vintage umbrella with a rhinestone handle.

This is plated but still pretty.

I have never run across a witch cookie cutter before, have you?

Probably my favorite find over the last couple of weeks, LOVE this vintage box of Birthday candles. Already at home in it's new spot on my misfit shelf.

I scored some really nice cocktail napkins and dinner napkins, these will be going to our Etsy shop.

I bought this little rustic shelf for me, I can use to display some of my much loved small trinkets.

On another note, my sister found these chairs in the Goodwill. They are now in my Dining Room. They are hand made and in fantastic shape. I am very picky about chairs and have been living with the old ugly ones I have had for years until I could find just the right set. When I laid eyes on these I knew they were the ones!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and if you have been out junking I hope you found some wonderful vintage treasures!


  1. Pickins may be slim, but you have found some pretty awesome stuff. Love the beaded purses and the birthday candles make me smile.


  2. Oh yes such great finds indeed, I so like these

  3. Love the winner's cup! Nice chairs!!
    The estate sales are picking up! Found a few things this weekend.

  4. Nice chairs. I love the winner's cup.
    The estate sales are picking up. We went to a couple this weekend and bought a few treasures.

  5. You got some great treasures! Love the umbrella and silver plate piece!
    Happy junking!

  6. Love the little baby slip and little dresses
    I had an old band aid box, wonder where it is ? going to go look for it ,I'm sure mine has buttons in it