Saturday, July 18, 2015

Estate Sales - Mangelly and Milledge Road

It has been a long dry spell for me with the junk hunting. No good sales over the past month or so but that was not the case this weekend. I was in junking heaven! Mom and I went out with plans to hit three sales yesterday but we were pretty much done in after the second sale (very hot and very tired!). Our first stop was at Mangelly's Dance Studio. These people gave lesson's out of their home. I remember passing by this house many times when I was a child. It did not disappoint. Here are a few pictures of the house:

The house was packed out with some really cool stuff. I love all the junk I brought home. Lot's of good stuff for my Etsy shop and a few treasures for me!

Lots of Dolls! 

I love these little guys but have no idea of date of maker. If you have any clue, let me know!

Lots of old grain sacks and tea towels.

I found two more chenille pipe cleaner figures for my collection!

We moved on from there to a house on Milledge Road and it was an awesome house and sale!! Just beautiful details inside. Here are a few pictures of the inside of the house and a picture of one of the strangest things I have ever seen at an estate sale (If my brother were with me I bet he would have bought it) . It was hard to take pictures because my hands were full most of the time.

The house was owned by two doctors, I think it had about 10 bedrooms. I had plenty of stuff to dig through. At one point, I found of box of old slides with what looked like blood samples on them - Creepy (made me think of Dexter). So some strange stuff in this house with the leg and the slides. I left the strange behind and brought home these treasures:

I am on an extreme junk high today looking through all this stuff!
Hope your junk hunting has been as fruitful as mine this weekend!


  1. So many cute things I would like some of those things in my house just so you know but Tim would complain about them because he does complain about stuff I like

  2. OH I wish I had been with you all LOL

  3. woah both of those sales looked amazing! i love all the dolls you got. they are so beautiful.