Sunday, May 15, 2016

Estate Sales - 1920's Coat Brush

I had a pretty good week as far as junking goes. I hit one estate sale on Friday afternoon and then Mom and I went out to the Annual Columbia County Yard Sale at the Fairgrounds on Saturday morning and then hit another estate sale before calling a day and heading home.

I did not get to the Friday estate sale until late in the day. Some of the things I saw in the online ad were already gone but I poked around and still managed to scrounge up a bag full of stuff.

The little Santa house is adorable and made in Japan. The December and June girls were only a dollar a piece. June has a broken wing but she will be put back together and go to live on the misfit shelf upstairs. December will go into my vintage Christmas collection.

I collect old cufflinks and was happy to find a few plus some other bits and pieces. The fly fishing set is something I have never seen before. Thought they were kind of neat.

Two pottery dog bowls. One has a small crack but they were pretty cheap so now I have two dog bowls and no dog! 

Another perpetual calendar.

I also found a couple of books, I couldn't believe I found a Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale book that was the exact same copy as the one we had growing up. The illustrations in this book are the stuff nightmares are made of (and yes I am not kidding I had nightmares based on the illustrations in this book, I think my brother and I were both terrified and fascinated with this book at the same time). 

I also picked up a couple of 1930's, 1940's Childrens Prayer Books, the covers are toast but the insides are in very good shape. I will probably take these apart and sell the book pages. I think they would be very cute in a nursery.

This old Bingo set came home with me.

I didn't really get that much at the Columbia County yard sale but I do really like the few pieces that I did find. My favorite find was this little 1920's coat brush. Isn't she sweet (she does look a little grumpy though)!

I was excited to find another Petite Choses All Holiday Wreath. I have a larger one but this small one is really adorable. 

I also found this little Birthday candle holder set made in Japan.

The estate sale we stopped at on Saturday yielded me a sterling cake server and cake breaker, and a very pretty footed serving tray.

So it was a great junking weekend and I always enjoy having Mom along. Hope your weekend has been wonderful too!


  1. Your birthday cake candle train was made approximately 1970 because I was born in 1969 and Mom bought me the same set for my 1st birthday - she gave it to me a few years ago :) I love that it is held together by pipecleaners.

  2. Ok my first thought was what is a goat brush and why would one want then realised it was a coat brush which made me sense. Next thought was what cool things oh so pretty