Saturday, June 18, 2016

Estate Sale - Vintage Halloween

Mom and I hit a really fun estate sale yesterday. The sale was close to her house so we got there super early and secured a good spot in line. I very rarely find vintage Halloween, but after rummaging through some boxes under one of the tables in the garage (where a lot of people fail to look most of the time) I came up with these pieces. Most are not super old I don't think but I did find 3 old candy containers from the 50's 60's.

I also bought a ton of old doll stuff, I believe most of kitchen stuff is from Germany. I have no idea on the doll but I thought she was very pretty (she reminds me of the Furga Doll I bought a while back). Lots of research to do on this lot. I was also excited to find the toy stove, it may be a keeper.

A few other miscellaneous things! I love the vintage watch box, it's a metal and gold Art Deco Clam shell box. It's a great addition to my vintage jewelry box collection. There were several old suitcases at the sale but this one was the only one that snapped shut. I really love it and it will be a great item to display in my sewing room.

I am fighting the urge to go back over to the sale this morning and give it a second pass, but I think I better stay home and start getting some research done on the stuff I hauled in yesterday. Going to try to get some of it on Etsy this weekend. 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Very nice vintage Halloween! You scored at that estate sale.

  2. The vintage Halloween is AWESOME. The doll accessories are super stinkin' cute!