Sunday, August 28, 2016

Estate Sales - Vintage Christmas

My vehicle is about at the end of it's life and I had to put it in the shop on Friday so I was not expecting to go out treasure hunting on Saturday which of course had me down in the dumps (no car - no junking). My favorite person in the world called me up on Friday night and said she would pick me up Saturday morning so we could hit a few estate sales (of course I am talking about my wonderful mother). Don't we know we can always count on our mothers to make us feel better!

We hit a few yards sales on the way but they did not yield much. We moved on to the first estate sale. I was delighted to find several vintage Christmas items. Loving the cut outs and die cuts!

The second sale we stopped at was on the hill. I found some pretty cool things but I think Mom got the best stuff. She out junked me! We stood around for 45 minutes waiting until they went 50% off, so we got some great deals. Here is what I brought home from the second sale. I just love the Abraham Lincoln bookends - these may be a keeper. 

I think my favorite find was this little High School Spirit Pin. It is from the Academy of Richmond County which is where both my parents went to school. Mom bought the High School Annual and it was dated 1948 so I think the pin is from late 1940's as well. We found my Dad in the annual! So this was a very special find.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and made a special find or two of your own!


  1. Hubby and I went out Fri-Sun and found some fun finds, Christmas goodies too! Bummer about your car.
    Shopping for treasures is the fun part. Now to price them for the shops.

  2. SO MANY great treasures here. I have such a weakness for vintage Christmas!