Sunday, April 30, 2017

Estate Sales

I don't think I ever remember such a slack year for estate sales, there just have not been that many around here for a good while (which explains my lack of posts).

I ran over to a sale at lunch on Friday and it was a complete bust, not one thing in the house that even piqued my interest. As I was heading out to the car I noticed a sign on the mail box across the street. It said Estate Sale! There were two men in the back unloading stuff from a trailer so I thought I would ask if they were open for business. They said that the sale was not starting until 3p but I was welcome to look around and they opened up the house for me. There was so much stuff in that house it made me a little dizzy. Most of the stuff was not in my area of expertise but I managed to dig up a small pile of junk and got it at a very reasonable price.

First thing I picked up was this scale. I have bought many scales before to resale, but this one is a keeper. It is totally me. It has a patent date of 1898.

I also picked up quite a few smalls. The Pin-Up postcard is really cool, I think I will be gifting it to my brother since he is a librarian.

I also picked up the following items, they are really outside of my expertise but I thought I would take a chance and I think I did pretty good. Several vintage Rock Concert T Shirts and a vintage Beatles poster.

So not a ton of stuff but several great things for the Etsy Shop and a few keepers for me.

Hope you are having a great weekend!