Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott Antique Show Part 1 - What I didn't bring home

So me, mom and my brother John hit the road yesterday morning to go to the Scott Antique Show in Atlanta GA. The show consists of two very large building packed full of vintage goodness. There are also vendors set up outside under tents. This is where I go to find unique items for my myself. I don't usually buy anything to resell due to the prices. This would be at the top of the food chain in the Antiquing/Collecting world.

So on to the good stuff, I tried to take a few photos but really got caught up in the shopping (it can be quite overwhelming) but I did manage to get a few shots of some things I really loved and a few just for fun.

There were three things that I spotted and really wanted to bring home with me but I was not willing to pay the price for two of them and the third was not for sell as it was a display piece. There is a vendor there that always has the most fascinating items. I always seem to gravitate towards something he has and this trip was no different than any other. He had a 1940's bar cart that was to die for. It was so gorgeous! I knew before asking (as he never prices his stuff) that is was going to be more than I wanted to spend and I was right - $495. Still it will stay in my head for quite a while and who knows maybe one day I will find one at an estate sale (unlikely but a girl can dream can't she).

The second item I was drawn to was a mannequin head display. I have been wanting a long neck one for as long as I can remember but usually vendors use these for displays and are not willing to part with them. I will ask anyway because you never know (this worked for me once in the past). The answer was no and then she tried to sell me a different one (but is was not a long neck and I was not interested).

The last item which I desperately wanted (my brother offered to pay for it but I couldn't let him do that) was a child size mannequin. I sew and really would love to have a little Melva (Melva is my mannequin I use for sewing). She was a lovely little thing and I sure hated to leave her behind.

Here are a few more photos of some of the loveliness that did not come home with me.

And for all of you who have found the creepy old dolls and taken them home with you, here's and idea of what you can do with them. By the way, I was happy to leave these in Atlanta.

You can check out all the pictures I took here on our Facebook page. Be sure to check back to see Part 2 - the things that did come home with me.

If you live near Atlanta, you should really try to check out this show. You can go here for information and dates.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and found lots of vintage goodness!


  1. Those metal chairs are fantastic...but you're right about the creepy doll heads. eek! I love the chairs you bought, but I don't know how you were able to leave the table behind...great color. The base of the $495 bar looks a lot like the wire cart you purchased...maybe you could repurpose something and make it a 2 in 1 piece? We have the Scott's Antique Mkt here in Columbus, OH, but I haven't been in a couple years (since having babies).

  2. I love the creepy doll heads. Not sure I could have them in my own house though. It's interesting to see what they sell in other parts of the country.