Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Nice Gentleman from Kansas & Giveaway

I had to go it alone today, mom had several things that she had to get done and although I tried to talk her into going out with me (I thought for a moment she was going to give in) she was able to resist the temptation and stayed home. I had three sales mapped out that looked like they would have my kind of junk and all I can say is that I never made it to sale number three. The first sale was held in a little warehouse and was a mix of decorative and antique items. I wandered around but nothing was marked so I was kind of afraid it would all be more than I was willing to pay. I did pick up a little glass basket and someone immediately tapped me on my arm. I turned around to see a women with a mean look on her face holding out her hand. She didn't say anything but just glared at me. I assumed I had picked up her item and quickly handed it over (I have seen her at other sales and honestly she kind of scares me). So I moved on and got to the next items before the scary lady (I could tell she was not happy about that). So here are the items I took home from sale number one:

I bought 7 of these glass bottles with the mercury glass stoppers

And not one but two very heavy Chandeliers

The second sale was an outside the house estate sale. There were tents set up in the yard and the garage was packed full. I quickly picked up two galvanized buckets and then moved into the garage. I picked up a beautiful little box with what looked like drill bits in it (they were actually long metal stamps with letters on the end) and asked the sweet little old man how much he wanted for it. He said he was sorry that it was not for sale and that he meant to put it in the house because he wanted to give it to one of his kids (I was a little broken hearted I must admit). I told him he better go ahead and put it up before someone else picked it up and walked out with it. Anyhow, I kept scanning the garage for some hidden treasure and I spotted another box covered up by a bunch of junk. I could only see the corner of the box but it had dovetail joints and I wanted to see what it was. So I moved all the junk off the top and pulled out the box. It was a beautiful old seed box. I was a little timid to approach the man again thinking I would hear the same thing "not for sale" but you never know unless you ask. He told me that the box was from the store his father owned in Kansas (I can't remember the name of the town but he said it was the largest grocery store in that town in the 1920's). I could tell he was on the fence about selling it and told me I would have to go talk to his son. The son agreed to sell it to me and I promised them both that I would love the little box and take good care of it. So here are my finds from sale number two:

Galvanized Buckets

1920's Ferry's Seed Box

At this point I did not feel the need to go to sale number three. I was more than happy with what was in the back of my Explorer already! So this little girlie went home!

More pic's here on our Facebook Page.  


Wow, I have been blogging for a year now. I looked back and my first post was on June 8th of 2011. In celebration of this I thought I would do a Giveaway. What will I give away? Why one of the glass jars with the mercury glass stoppers!

Giveaway entry deadline Friday 6/8 5pm
To enter:

Leave a comment
You do not have to be a follower of my blog (but I would love it if you were)
Check out our Facebook Page (if you like it, hit the like button)
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and it's that simple!
If you are not a follower, please leave an e-mail address so I can contact you.

I will draw and announce the winner on June 8th!


  1. One year of blogging, congratulations. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of your wonderful treasures, and I can't wait to see what happens to your blog in year two. I have been a follower, and I like you on FB. Thanks for the chance to win the mercury top bottle.
    I am loving your seed box, lucky you.♥

  2. Oh, I love mercury glass and those bottles are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity! I already follow your blog. Off to check out your fb page and your pins!

    Thanks again,

  3. Happy First Birthday Verna!! It is always such a joy to follow your blogsince I began 6 months ago. Beautiful purchases, and I LOVE the chandeliers and the bottles, it is so hard to find mercury glass pieces in Oz! Meg xx

  4. I totally understand that satisfied feeling when you find some real treasures as you did. The seed box is stunning! So glad they let you buy it.

    The glass bottles with mercury tops are gorgeous. Truly gorgeous!

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. I am so glad you started blogging as I love reading about your fabulous purchases. I especially love when you post your albums on Facebook so I can see all the treasures you find.

    Looking forward to the next year and seeing what lovelies you find.

  5. Congratulations on one year! I love your blog and I am a follower on Facebook and Pinterest. You're too nice about the woman with the stink-eye...I'm not so sure I would have handed it over so quickly!

    As usual, you got some great items today!!!

  6. Super bottles. Love the veggie box too. Good Mornings work.

  7. The seed box was a great find! And I love the little jars too.

  8. Happy 1st blog birthday! your finds are beautiful, love the chandeliers!

  9. That seed box is wonderful! I'm so glad they decided to part with it. All in all, I would say you had a killer weekend!

  10. Wow, such gorgeous things! Love them all, but the chandeliers are my favorite. Scary Lady sounds so unpleasant :( I've heard scary lady stories on other blogs, it's a shame some people have to be that way!

  11. I AM a follower ! Love to find you in my inbox! I think the Scary Lady was quite rude. It wasn't necessary to act like that with a scowl on her face. My word ! A simple "I'm sorry, but that's mine" would have sufficed. Besides...isn't the number one rule at sales "Don't Set Down Anything you Want to Keep ?"

    Will go look now at Facebook and Pinterest. LUVVVV Pinterest!

    Thank you for the giveaway -- would absolutely adore one of those bottles !


  12. I love the story about the seed box. Estate sales are so heartbreaking for me. If you've ever had to hold one, especially full of treasures, you can understand.

    I just discovered your blog with the link at Her Library Adventures.

  13. I followed you on Facebook - I'm assuming we post a comment for each thing we do?

  14. I followed the boards I liked in Pinterest - so many cool ideas there. I love Pinterest.

  15. I browsed through your archives & really enjoyed the old posts. I'll be following your blog.

  16. Full of envy over here at my house. lol! I have wanted a seed box for a long time. You got a dandy. Seriously though, I know thatyou will love it as much as I would. The bottles are so cute and I appreciate you parting with one of them. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Those bottles and chandeliers are AMAZING. I couldn't believe it when I read you are giving one away! That's so awesome! I'm following (everything!!) and thank you so much for a chance to win :)

  18. Hello. I found you on NTT. Will become a follower and would love to be considered for one of the glass bottles. I am really getting into glass from blog hopping.
    Thank you and congrats on a year!!

  19. Hi Verna,
    Wow! What a great live in the same city, I never seem to find the good sales. I spent all day on the Peach 23, hot and exhausted!! Those chandies are an amazing find, congratulations. Happy 1 year anniversary. The blogging community/world is so much fun!

  20. Hi...I'm so glad you beat the scary lady to the gorgeous bottles with the mercury stoppers - what an amazing find! I've been to several estate sales recently, and I've always found them to be overpriced...I seem to do the best at barn sales. Your seed box is fantastic though! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing all of your lovely treasures. I'm off to check out your pinterest and facebook pages. I think I already follow your blog, but will if not.

  21. I would love to win a bottle with a mercury stopper! I'll try and hit all the requirements! Thanks for stopping in and reading about my sweet grass basket!

  22. So many fabulous finds. Love these bottles.

  23. Those are gorgeous! I love mercury glass ;)

  24. Congratulations! Great finds.

  25. I found some chandeliers similar to that at a yard sale years ago and I passed on them because my car was full of treasure. I've always wished I had because they probably would have sold well in my booth. I love the treasures you find!

  26. Congrats on your one year of blogging. I just found you through the Blue Eyed Owl Boutique Link up. Funny since you and i have been blogging for as long. I just had my year too. I am definitely going to follow you, looks like you have similar interests. Oh and congrats on your finds.
    Karen G