Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Museum

Well as you know from my earlier post I scored a fabulous old industrial lamp. I was overjoyed to find this piece for a mere fifty dollars. I love industrial style pieces and have them sprinkled throughout my home. After I got this lovely lamp home I was curious to find out more about it so I went online and started searching. Lucky for me there is a tag on the lamp which gave me excellent clues of what to search for. I found a piece just like mine at Urban Remains (listed for $995 - are you kidding me) but it really only gave me the basic information. Finally I found the perfect website! Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Museum! It is a web site run by Jeff and Rita Behary. Jeff and Rita have spent many years researching antique medical and X-ray equipment and have been so wonderful to put all their research online to share with others. Lucky for me I stumbled upon them. I e-mailed Jeff to ask about his photo's and he graciously gave permission for me to share them here. So let's take a peek:

(you can see the whole booklet by clicking on the link above)

I think this booklet addresses every kind of illness you could possibly think of. Very interesting reading and a very interesting website. I don't know about you but I have heard a tale or two about some pieces that I have purchased in the past that turned out to be just that - a tale. It's nice to find good solid information on your vintage finds. Please stop by and visit Jeff if you get the chance and if you happen to find any vintage medical pieces this would be an excellent resource.

Now I am going to take a 60 minute neutral bath, set under my heat lamp and have a warm glass of milk, per the booklet that should cure my insomnia!

Just kidding!

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