Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day at the Flea Market

Not much action on my blog in a while, big changes in my life over the past couple of weeks. I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride. After 14 years at my job I made the decision to resign my position. The job I held demanded so much of my time and the stress is unimaginable. Of course over a period of time it just starts to wear you down and I am not as young as I used to be. Not to mention the time I have had to be away from my family over the years (missing every spring break and many Easters - time I can never get back). I have been praying since April about this decision but was so conflicted about walking away from a good job making good money. Don't get me wrong I am not a money driven person but I still have to provide for my family. I am so thankful that I was raised in a Christian home where I was exposed to the word of God and at an early age excepted Jesus Christ as my savior and knew I could put this in his hands and everything would be alright. I turned in my resignation and didn't look back. God is good and I immediately got a job offer from a company that I adore and the best part is that I will be working from home. I couldn't be happier. Moral of this story - family, health and happiness beat money every time.

So now maybe I will have more time to do some of the things I love like JUNKING! Mom and I hit a couple of Flea Markets on Saturday and while I didn't find anything grand, I was pretty happy with my haul. So here is what I brought home:

A Nice Little Group of Treasues

 My brother actually picked these up for me a couple of weeks ago, he just dropped them off this week

Found this lovely minnow bucket at the first Flea Market we stopped at

Some tiny Mercury Ornaments


What can I say, she just spoke to me!

Some Trinkets

GRR Bank Bag

Mom had to tell me what this was, it's a cigarette roller, she said her brother used to have one

I love, love, love this little dog book

Can't pass up garden stuff

This French lithograph is fabulous, haven't found out to much about it yet but it is signed

I have another week off before I start my new job, have been working on a great desk that I bought at the Peachtree 23 yard sale for my office space upstairs. Will be sure to share once I get it all set up.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

More pic's of my Flea Market finds here!

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  1. Congratulations on your new job! More time for junkin' is a nice benefit, but less stress and more family time is the best. So happy for you.

    The Blue Book of Dogs looks like an interesting read. I've never seen a cigarette roller before; I certainly wouldn't have known what it was either.
    As a big fan of Snoopy, I also love that sweet hand-made ornament.

    Lots of lovely treasures!

  2. Some great finds.
    Enjoy your week off and good luck with the new job.

  3. As always your thrifty finds are fabulous. I have that same dog book also love mine.
    Congrats on your new position, God is good.

  4. Wow what great finds I like, that book of dogs looks interesting...........and what is more important is that you didn't pick up any fleas at the flea market

  5. congrats on the new job! i know it took a lot of courage to leave that steady one making good money. but life is just too short to get so stressed about work!

  6. Congrats on taking the plunge and finding a job that suits you better! Stories like yours inspire me. :) I love all your finds, as always -- especially the bowling trophy!

  7. The minnow bucket sure brought back child hood memories of me going fishing with my grandparents

    a new job is always good